Have you been keeping up with the drama that’s going down between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte?

It’s all getting a little crazy, and we’re sure there’s no end in sight for the warring former couple. It all started a few months back when Mel B decided it was time to end her marriage after 10 years. 

They got married after just five months of dating, and it’s pretty unclear just how long things have been sour between them, but we’re willing to bet it’s been at least a few years. 

At first, there was no indication about what the heck went wrong between them, but became considerably clearer when it emerged that Mel had filed a restraining order. 

In legal documents, Mel claimed that Stephen had physically abused her multiple times throughout their marriage and also dropped the revelation that he had been secretly recording their sexual encounters. 

It’s clear their marriage was built on an unhealthy dose of hatred, and that’s not a very strong foundation to sustain any relationship. 

The craziest story of all to come from the parting of ways is that the couple’s former nanny, Lorraine Gilles came forward to claim she was in a seven-year relationship with the couple. 

The latest twist in the tale comes from a report that Mel B does not want to grant Stephen spousal support. The reason? He’s asking for as much as $4,300 for food and groceries per month. 

That’s probably enough to feed most families in a year, so we would like to know whether he’s planning on feeding everyone in his building with the money. 

Mel has caught on to this and feels like he’s being a little too extravagant for her liking. She’s also not a fan of his $2000 per month clothing allowance. She said that Stephen took all of his belongings when he left their house. 

He even thinks he needs $11,000 per month for housing costs. We get that he needs security because of the increased media coverage, but the dude is seriously going too far with his claims. 

The funniest demand of all is $750 per month for his cell phone plan. We don’t even know if there is one that costs that much out there. Maybe he has an iPhone from the future. 

According to the report, Mel knows Stephen is working full-time in the restaurant they co-own, Serafina, so she will know whether he has money. 

She feels like if he isn’t making enough money, he should probably get a new job. With diva demands like that, it’s hard to imagine any employer taking Belafonte on. 

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Source: celebweddings