Shia LaBeouf has reportedly gotten married.

In the most Shia LaBeouf way possible.

According to TMZ insiders, the actor exchanged vows over the weekend with Mia Goth.

In Las Vegas. With Elvis Presley officiating the wedding.

The couple got hitched at an establishment called Viva Las Vegas, which a chapel known for uniquely-themed weddings.

Some of the options on the venue’s so-called menu, for example, include Elvis and Alice Cooper packages. There are also generic gangster and gladiator themes.

Because who would not want to be all gangster, literally, when getting married?

But anyway. Back to Shia and Mia:

TMZ reports that they chose a combination Elvis and Hawaiian theme, Mia even riding to her big day alongside an Elvis impersonator in a pink Cadillac.

Sounds about right for a guy who often gets arrested and who once did this:

Seriously, did you watch that? 

Please stop what you are doing and make sure you click PLAY.

Goth and LaBeouf have quite the history together.

They got engaged in March, but LaBeouf was accused of assault against Goth just over a year ago, in July of 2016.

The altercation allegedly took place in Germany, with witnesses saying the twosome got into a pretty big argument outside of a hotel.

The argument led to a physical confrontation, which left Goth with a black eye.

Locals supposedly broke up the fight and drove LaBeouf to the airport, where he went on record as saying he would have killed Goth if he had stayed.

There’s even video of the incident:

This one is less entertaining than the video we shared previously of LaBeouf.

But, hey, whatever. The stars appear to have worked it out.

The newlyweds started dating in 2012, after working together on the controversial  movie Nymphomaniac. 

Aside from the aforementioned kerfluffle, they have remained relatively under the radar for a Hollywood couple.

We have no idea where Mia and Shia will go on their honeymoon, but we’re guessing it will be someplace unusual.

Congrats to the happy couple, right?

Join us in sending them your best wishes.

Source: celebweddings