Say what you will about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (and there’s really so, so much to say), the couple knows how to make a marriage last.

It’s been 34 years since the reality stars met while Michelle was working the counter at a frozen yogurt stand owned by Jim Bob’s mother.

Each year, Michelle and Jim Bob’s wedding anniversary is a public celebration, with the couple taking to the Internet to extol the virtues of both monogamy and breeding like an army of your own children is your only defense against the impending zombie apocalypse.

This year, the couple took a trip to Hawaii, actually leaving their family responsibilities behind for once.

During their time in Kauai, Michelle posted a video tribute to her husband of 33 years, revealing some previously-unknown details about their early days together.

Michelle was slightly thrown off by the surprise trip to Hawaii, but she still found time to slip away and record her video love letter.

“I really, really wanted to express from my heart how grateful I am and how much I love and admire you,” she says at the start.

Recalling their first meeting, Michelle says:

“You were shy, but very sweet …You finally mustered up the courage to ask me if I would go to your junior-senior banquet with you. I said yes.”

Not surprisingly, Michelle and Jim Bob’s first date involved an all-night discussion of the Bible and ended with a prayer for marriage.

After she finishes her recollection of their early days together, Michelle launches into a list of her 100 favorite things about Jim Bob.

It’s no surprise trip to Hawaii, but she certainly put a lot of work into this.

Check out Michelle’s loving tribute in the video below:

Source: celebweddings