Little People, Big World?

More like average-sized person, big day ahead!

As previously reported, Molly Roloff is engaged and ready to tie the knot with fiance Joel Silvius.

When will the wedding take place? You’re one click away from finding out!

What are Molly and Joel asking friends and family members to present to them in honor of their special occasion? You’re about to find out!

According to Radar Online, Molly has signed up for a wedding registry at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond.

She’s encouraging guests to purchase gifts that are almost entirely under $100.

The least expensive item on the list is actually a $0.99 glass spice jar from Bed Bath & Beyond, while she and Joel do go to an expensive extreme on a couple of occasions.

The most expensive gift listed, for example, is a $399.99 10-piece nonstick ceramic-coated stainless steel cookware set.

But you’ve gotta have a solid stainless steel cookware set! Come on!

Molly is the most private and humble member of her famous family.

Unlike brother Jacob – who very loudly called out his loved ones for being fake last summer and who chronicles his life on the road via weekly video blog entries these days – Molly rarely says a word in public.

And unlike her other brothers, Zach and Jeremy, she rarely appears on episodes of Little People, Big World.

But Molly remains on perfectly good terms with her parents, Amy and Matt.

As you can see in the photos above, she posed with each of them shortly after announcing her engagement.

Just don’t expect her wedding to be televised.

Don’t expect any photos from the ceremony or reception to end up on any tabloid covers.

Elsewhere in her registry, wedding attendees can purchase an insulated lunch bag for $19.99.

They can also get an 11-bottle graphite wine rack for $49.95… or a $7.95 butter dish… or $14.99 oven mitts.

Molly has also asked for bath towels and place settings in sets of four!

It sounds like she and Joel plan on entertaining from time to time; just, again, not in front of any TLC cameras.

We send our very best wishes to Molly in anticipation of her wedding. We understand and respect that she wants to keep her life private. Kudos to her for having that point of view.

But maybe she could let her relatives share a photo or two on Instagram later this summer. We’d love to see her in her dress!

Source: celebweddings