The married woman Donald Trump spoke of trying to f–k in a lewd 2005 video released yesterday has been identified as Nancy O’Dell.

A woman who, it turns out, Trump tried to get fired two years later when she got pregnant and was co-hosting his Miss USA pageant.

In a Friday-night segment on Access Hollywood, the program addressed Trump’s campaign scandal involving former host Billy Bush.

The Republican presidential candidate was on the entertainment program as he prepared to film a cameo on the soap Days of Our Lives.

Behind the scenes, Bush and Trump can be heard on a “hot” mic they didn’t know was recording them as they made very lewd comments.

“There were seven other people on the bus with Mr. Trump and Billy Bush at the time,” host Natalie Morales said of the incident.

A camera crew, Trump’s security guard and publicist were there, she said, and Nancy O’Dell is the unnamed woman Trump was referring to.

The now-infamous recording in question appears below:

The Washington Post posted the tape yesterday.

On it, the thrice-married, then 59-year-old Trump boasts of trying to f–k a married woman who he “moved on like a b-tch” only to be rebuffed.

Bush and others laughed heartily as the real estate mogul described taking O’Dell furniture shopping and trying in vain to get in her pants.

Ultimately, despite how hard he “tried to f–k her,” he just “couldn’t get there,” Trump laments. Hey, you win some, you lose some, right?

Trump also boasted that when you’re a “star,” you can grope women (“grab them by the p-ssy” even), consequence-free. They let you!

The fallout from this was so bad, even by Trump standards, that his presidential campaign – already on life support – did the unthinkable:

Last night, Trump apologized for the comments!

Granted, Billy Bush’s apology was more prompt and sincere, and Trump still qualified his by saying it’s not that big of a deal in the end.

He also threw in the quasi-defense that Bill Clinton is an even bigger pig anyway, which is both dubious and not really relevant here.

Still, a mea culpa from Donald at all is notable.

It remains to be seen if he can weather the storm in time to pull off an election upset of Hillary Clinton, but this story is far from over.

In fact, it continues to snowball by the hour.

O’Dell, who Trump later said changed her look and opted for “the big phony ti-s and everything,” crossed paths with him two years later.

In a surprising revelation (or maybe not surprising), he apparently took issue with her in a professional context because of her appearance. 

The TV personality was named the host of the 2007 Miss USA pageant by NBC, despite the concerns of Trump, who owned the event.

The businessman tried, but ultimately failed at having her removed from her contracted post because he was dismayed by her baby bump.

According to insiders, Trump didn’t want a pregnant woman hosting the show, but because of O’Dell’s contract with NBC, failed to oust her.

O’Dell, 50, gave birth to her daughter Ashby that year; Nancy and second husband Keith Zubchevich have been married since 2005.

Prior to that marriage, the current Entertainment Tonight co-host was married to her first husband, Dr. Richard O’Dell, from 1994-2004.

It’s unclear when Trump’s advances took place.

Source: celebweddings