Remember last November, when Naya Rivera filed for divorce from Ryan Dorsey?

Well, pop those “congrats on your divorce” balloons and find a discreet way to eat that celebratory divorce cake, because it sounds like this divorce has been officially canceled.

Who ever heard of an on-again, off-again marriage?

We’re kidding — they happen all of the time. Especially, for some reason, among celebrities.

But first, let’s remember how they got to where they are.

Naya Rivera dated Ryan Dorsey for quite a while before she starred on Glee.

Despite the two having been so close for so long, Naya Rivera broke things off with Ryan after she became famous.

In her memoir, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, Naya also revealed that she discovered, post-breakup, that Ryan had gotten her pregnant.

Naya shared that she had chosen to get an abortion at that time, and has since been praised for being open and honest about abortion when the majority of the many millions of American women who receive abortions each year are shamed into silence by cultural conservatives.

Naya and Ryan would get back together again, four years after their 2010 breakup.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2014, Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey got married.

This came as quite a shock, as not only was it a surprise wedding, but it came only three months following Naya’s breakup from Big Sean.

(It’s almost cute that that was shocking at the time — now it’s 2017 and Kylie Jenner wound up pregnant just a month after she started dating Travis Scott as a rebound after ending her lengthy relationship with Tyga. A wedding after three months somehow seems less dramatic, now)

Normally, she might have been accused of infidelity leading up to her reconciliation with Ryan Dorsey.

But infidelity was allegedly more Big Sean’s department. And it was Big Sean who broke off their engagement … which Naya reportedly learned about through his publicist.


But, again, Naya and Ryan had been together for years before. So it might not be accurate to describe her reunion with Ryan as a rebound.

Sometimes it takes being with the wrong person to realize who was right for you all along.

Or not-so-right, as it turns out.

Though Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey had welcome their first child into the world in late September of 2015, the couple called it quits late in 2016.

It was November, not quite two months after their baby Josey Hollis Dorsey’s first birthday, that Naya Rivera filed for divorce.

The divorce seemed to be reasonably amicable at the time.

Though Naya was seeking primary physical custody of their child, a public statement indicated that they planned on co-parenting Josey and they seemed, you know, pretty civil.

Keep in mind that a lot of divorces are filled with hyperbole, vitriol, and outright lies.

Others are filled with horrifying accusations that could curdle your stomach.

As, we imagine, would have been the case if Naya Rivera had continued dating Mark Salling before his arrest for child porn.

Naya’s statement about Mark Salling at the time of his arrest was, uh, ill-advised and left a lot of people scratching their heads.

But, honestly, who in the world actually knows what to say in a situation like that?

Anyway, Gossip Cop reports that Naya Rivera has filed a motion to dismiss her petition for divorce.

It appears that she’s calling off the whole divorce altogether.

We certainly hope that this means that Naya and Ryan are reconciling.

They always seemed like a good fit, and now there’s hope on the horizon. Again.

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