David Spade might not seem like the most likely ladies man in Hollywood, but for reasons that might forever defy explanation, the 52-year-old remains wildly popular with actresses and models who aren’t old enough to remember the release of Tommy Boy.

Last year, Spade dated Charlotte McKinney, but the relationship didn’t last, as 2016 decided to take a different approach to making us question the meaning of existence by killing off a bunch of celebrities instead.

Prior to that relationship, there were rumors of Spade dating Kaley Cuoco following her divorce from Ryan Sweeting.

Now, the famed Farley sidekick and raker-in of syndication bucks is hooking up with yet another starlet who’s more than a couple decades his junior.

Several outlets are reporting this week that Spade is dating Naya Rivera.

Rivera, of course, is best known for her role on Glee, as well as for her wildly unstable love life.

Back in 2014, Naya was engaged to rapper Big Sean.

The relationship fizzled out (Rivera later alleged that Sean cheated on her with Ariana Grande.), and the wedding never took place.

But here’s the weird part:

Rivera quickly jumped into a new relationship and wound up marrying Ryan Dorsey

… on the same day and at the same venue where she was supposed to marry Sean!

Maybe Naya is just really, really frugal and didn’t want to lose her deposit.

Whatever the case, to the surprise of absolutely no one, that relationship didn’t work out either, and Rivera and Dorsey got divorced in November of last year.

All of this is is to say – we hope Mr. Spade knows what he’s getting into.

He seems like a guy who enjoys his freedom and likes playing the field and Naya seems like … well, like the exact opposite of that.

This is a woman who’s high on relationships and commitment.

Or at least she thinks she is.

She’s also big on talking a lot of trash to the tabloid media when relationships don’t work out to her liking.

We’re not saying people are incapable of changing, but, um … these two seem like a very unlikely match.

But hey, so did Tommy Callahan and Richard Hayden, and look how that turned out.

That’s a Tommy Boy reference, for our younger readers.

Source: celebweddings