The Bachelor’s Nick Viall is speaking out about an eyebrow-raising rumor regarding his romance with Bachelor in Paradise love Jen Saviano.

Specifically, when and why it ended … and you don’t need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that, true or not, the rumor fits Nick’s reputation.

Nick, who is no stranger to controversy, is alleged by one of the former couple’s co-star to have ended his romance with Jen for fame.

Put another way … things were going fine, but when he had the chance to become the Official Rose Distributor, well, he chose that.

Viall denies this was ever the case to the media.

“No, none of that was remotely true,” Viall replied to reporters on a conference call, responding to the story circulated by Lauren Himle.

Speaking to Detroit’s The Ticket radio station, Himle said, “I am not a big fan of [his]. He dated my great friend Jen on Bachelor in Paradise.”

That he did. But what happened after the show?

“It was my understanding,” Lauren went on, that Nick and Jen “were still seeing each other after the show completed.”

So what happened between the once-happy pair?

Himle said, when asked about their status, that Viall and Saviano were “still together in a relationship … they were solid a week ago.”

This was right after The Bachelor announcement.

As for Saviano’s take on Viall as The Bachelor? “About that,” she tweeted, with a GIF of Amy Schumer chugging from a YUGE glass of wine.

Ah, Nick. Trouble seems to follow him everywhere.

In other Viall news, the 36-year-old sales exec reportedly already slept with one of his 30 contestants from his upcoming turn on The Bachelor …  

… before the new season even began taping this fall.

He and Elizabeth Sandoz boned at Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper’s wedding, after which Nick didn’t call or talk to her until this reunion.

(Nick has reportedly slept with seven women from the franchise; We only know of four, but if you include all three from his Fantasy Suite dates …)

Yup. Pretty awesome/terrible/not surprising at all.

According to an Us Weekly show insider’s account.

“During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again.”

Can you imagine the awkwardness in that room?!

Neither of the two acknowledged their past sexual encounter after reuniting on set, but word got out, and eventually leaked to the crew.

Nick was not happy, either … for several reasons.

A second insider says Viall told Bachelor producers that he “didn’t want any girls on the show that he already knew or had a date with.”

“It was just a waste of a person being there.” 

Wow, Nick. That’s … blunt, if nothing else.

We can only imagine how this season will play out.

We already know the names of the women who make the top four, and who Nick Viall chooses with his final rose, but how does he get there?

How much damage can he leave in his wake?

All we can say with certainty is that when it comes to Nick, if his three previous turns on this franchise are any indication, it’ll be entertaining.

Potentially a train wreck … but entertaining.

Source: celebweddings