Nikki Ferrell has finally found herself a man that actually loves her. 

If you recall, she won The Bachelor Season 18, but she did not win the heart of Juan Pablo Galavis. 

He is hands down the worst suitor in the history of the franchise. 

Something seemed totally off with the way he treated Ferrell and that’s why the relationship didn’t pan out. 

Ferrell and Galavis even appeared on Couples Therapy to try and right the ship, but it was clear there was just nothing there. 

We previously reported that Nikki was engaged to Tyler Vanloo back in January and the pictures were super cute. 

How amazing do they look together?

Could you imagine Juan Pablo Galavis being as romantic as that?

Galavis knows absolutely nothing about romance. 

Nikki married Tyler on Saturday.

Have a look at one of the pictures from the wedding below!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Andi Dorfman was part of the celebrations. 

Talk about keeping it in The Bachelor family. Right?

Nikki had known Tyler for a long time before they got married. 

It sure seems like he was the one who got away from her, but at least they are now a happily married couple. 

Nikki kept her fans up to speed with what was going on in the days leading up to her wedding. 

She even uploaded a picture of her marriage license to Instagram. 

We are super pleased that Nikki has moved on from Juan Pablo. 

If you watch The Bachelor online, you probably already know that the dude just didn’t seem like a very nice person. 

It’s for the best that Nikki moved on. 

What do you think about all of this?

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