For several months last year, it appeared as if Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn would be in a two-person huddle forever.

We thought they’d get married.

But the couple then ran into some kind of coverage they could not navigate past, figuratively failing to make a romantic first down when they needed it most.

Terrible football metaphors aside, the point is this:

Rodgers and Munn have split. As previously reported, they surprised many fans by ending their three-year long relationship earlier this month.

Neither the star quarterback or the beautiful actress has commented on the basis for this break-up, meaning celebrity gossip outlets have no choice but to speculate over what went wrong.

“He ended it,” a source tells Us Weekly of Rodgers, while another insider tells the same tabloid that the stars were not as happy as they appeared to be on various red carpets.

The pair “”went through a rough patch last summer,” this anonymous individual claims.

He or she goes on to say that the main issue facing Rodgers and Munn “is that Olivia doesn’t get along with his family. They think she’s controlling.”

Ah, yes, the Rodgers family.

Aaron’s brother, Jordan Rodgers, actually won JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelor; he’s still with his fellow reality star and plans on marrying her.

Throughout his run on this ABC series, chatter over Jordan’s weak relationship with his famous sibling rang across the Internet.

There’s little doubt that Aaron is estranged from his family, although it’s unclear why:

Has he let his fame and wealth go to his head? Did relatives demand more time and money from Aaron after he led Green Bay to a Super Bowl title?

We simply don’t know.

But Us Weekly writes that tension grew so high between Munn and Rodgers while the latter’s family members called him out last year that the stars “split for a little.”

That temporary break ran under the Internet radar and the two eventually gave their romance another shot.

Alas, “issues [that] have been going on forever” were finally too much for the celebrities to overcome and they simply could not sustain their romance any longer this spring.

Is there any chance that they get back together?

At least one half of the now-former-couple sure hopes so.

“She is devastated,” a friend says of Munn. “She hopes they can work things out and get back together.”

In other words, Munn really can’t R-E-L-A-X at the moment as a result of this split.

That joke/reference isn’t really funny. But it at least makes sense to football fans.

Source: celebweddings