it’s hard to watch OutDaughtered and not get emotional. You get attached to the adorable children. And plenty of viewers adore the parents, Adam and Danielle Busby.

But has this couple’s marriage been torn apart by fame, six young children, one health crisis after the next, and the normal forces that tear couples apart?

That’s been the rumor. And now, Adam Busby is speaking out.

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby are stars of OutDaughtered.

In addition to an older girl, the two of them are the parents of the only all-girl quintuplets in the US.

Their oldest, Blayke, is a 6-year-old who loves pink.

The quintuplets are two years old.

Ava, the first of the quintuplets, is a quiet but observant little girl who is very attached to her mother (meaning that she would be especially impacted by a split).

Olivia is fun, goofy, loves to dance, and sometimes causes trouble.

Hazel is an adorable redhead who can be very affectionate but also a bit volatile. (Honestly, though, except for hair color, that’s all toddlers)

Riley is assertive and has a particularly close bond with her father, Adam. (Meaning that a split would also be especially taxing on her)

Parker is the most talkative and has the beginnings of leadership qualities — as much as a two-year-old can exhibit, anyway.

So, overall, OutDaughtered‘s premise is basically how Jon & Kate Plus 8 started, but without the dawning realization that the mother is an absolute monster who shouldn’t be allowed near a houseplant.

But … are Adam and Danielle headed down the same path — to splitsville and eternal drama — as the Gosselins?

Rumors have been circulating that the couple was having problems — problems beyond Hazel’s eye condition or Adam’s postpartum depression, we mean.

Marital struggles.

And the kinds of marital issues that could lead the two to split.

It’s not hard for most fans to imagine the sudden leap from one child to six children, all young and five of them with some degree or another of health problems (all of the quintuplets have a heart murmur, which is being treated with meds).

One fan tweeted:

“Why is it that almost every couple that gets a reality show on @TLC end up getting a divorce? If @AdamBuzz and @DanieBuzz decide to get one I’m done with that network!!!”

We’re not sure if that’s a viewer who’s just sick and tired of falling for a TV couple and feeling crushed or if she’s personally affronted by divorce (presumably the former).

But Adam shut down divorce rumors with one simple tweet, which quoted that text:

“Guess you will be a lifelong @TLC viewer. The D word isn’t in our vocabulary. I love my wife more than the day i said ‘I DO.’ We are the real deal.”

Setting aside all jokes about the couple not being allowed to say “dick” or “damn” or whatever your D-word of choice might be … that should be a source of profound reassurance to fans of the couple and of the series.

Source: celebweddings