Hope you’re prepared to get in a good cry this evening, because one is coming your way real fast.

Patton Oswalt has married Meredith Salenger!

Patton announced the news first, sharing that sincerely adorable photo above on Twitter of the happy couple along with his daughter, Alice.

“What’d you guys do yesterday?” he asked. Ha ha, see, because it’s a chill caption for what was obviously a big event?

Don’t worry though, because Meredith came through with some details.

She shared the same photo on her Instagram account, and in her caption she wrote “True love. True happiness . Forever and Always. The Oswalts.”

She revealed that the ceremony and the reception took place at Jim Henson Studios in L.A., and that “the uber talented and most geniunely marvelous woman” Martha Plimpton acted as the officiant.

Martha Plimpton. Was the officiant.

It already sounds like the best wedding ever, right?!

As if this whole thing wasn’t sweet enough already, Meredith made sure to share several photos of her new stepdaughter — the daughter Patton had with his late wife, Michelel McNamara.

In one she called her a “pretty girl,” and in a photo of Alice with Patton she simply wrote “My family.”

Perhaps the sweetest of all though was a photo of Alice by herself — for that caption, she wrote “This little girl is MINE!!!!!!!!”, along with the hashtags “happiest auntie is now happiest MOM,” “I love Alice,” and “freckled face muppet.”

Or wait, what actually could be sweeter than even that was the way people reacted to the whole wedding — with so much positivity!

Patton and Meredith both received a whole, whole lot of hate when they announced their engagement back in July because people thought he’d moved on too quickly after his wife’s passing.

Michelle McNamara died in April of 2016, so there were just 15 months between her death and the proposal.

It’s not really fair to judge him for moving on though, especially if we’ve never been in a similar situation.

After getting all that backlash, Meredith wrote a sweet little note on Instagram, explaining that “Everyone has been so lovely to us… all of Patton’s family… ALL of Michelle’s siblings and friends and family… a few trolls have strong opinions.”

“But I think for Patton, having met and found love after over a year of intense therapy and openly grieving and dealing with his pain… I am grateful to be the one who helps him climb out of the depths of grief and find some joy again.”

“And most of all,” she added, “Alice is happy and feels loved. I have waited 47 years to find true love.”

She also wrote that “Creating our family unit while honoring the brilliant gift Michelle has given me will be my life’s goal and happiness.”

“I am deeply in love with both Patton and Alice and very much looking forward to a beautful happy life having adventures together.”

Just from that, it seemed obvious that these two people deeply loved one another, and all this wedding loveliness?

It just further proves that point.

Congrats, Oswalts!

Source: celebweddings