Spotted: Lonely Boy is not as lonely as you would think.

Penn Badgley wed his longtime love, Domino Kirke in a beautiful ceremony in Brooklyn

Hey, it’s hardly the Upper East Side, but Brooklyn is a beautiful place to tie the knot. 

Thanks to their friends and family taking snaps of the big event which was held on Monday, we have pictures of the happy couple. 

There’s no denying that the two of them look very cute together. 

Badgley began dating Kirke in late 2014, so it’s clear they know a lot about one another.

Let’s just hope a new Gossip Girl does not show up and starts sending malicious updates about their life together. 

Domino is the sister of Jemima Kirke, who currently stars on Girls. 

Jemima took to Twitter to congratulate the pair on this momentous occasion with a cheeky message. 

“Congratulations ya shitheads! @PennBadgley and @DominoKirke it’s all downhill from here. In a good way!”

A later tweet from the star even went as far as making lofty claims about their names. 

“To clarify they’re married. domino badkirke. Penn kirkley.”

We’re sure Jemima is just joking around with her followers. Those names sound like something you would hear on a really bad direct-to-DVD movie. 

Penn played the role of Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl for six seasons. 

It was a genre-defining hit, but it had one of the most bizarre twists in the history of teen dramas. 

It turned out that Badgley’s alter-ego was Gossip Girl. 

To this day, some fans are still bitter over the reveal because it did not make the most sense. 

If anything, it proved the character was more of a sociopath than someone who should have been marrying the likes of Serena Van Der Woodsen. 

As you probably already know, Penn dated Blake Lively who was his co-star on Gossip Girl. 

We wish the couple the best in this new chapter. 

Source: celebweddings