It wasn’t quite a royal affair, but it came pretty close as Pippa Middleton and James Matthews tied the knot in London on Saturday, May 20.

Yes, six years after she became the world’s most famous bridesmaid, wedding bells finally rang for the world’s most famous royal-in law.

And it was certainly a sight to behold.

Pippa looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, a lovely lace affair with a high neck and a cutout in the back.

It’s a custom dress, of course, by Giles Deacon, and she couldn’t possibly look more beautiful.

She also looked ridiculously happy to be marrying her now-husband, so that’s nice, too.

Pippa and James had their ceremony in St. Mark’s Church in Englefield this morning, and while, as we said, Pippa isn’t technically royalty, you wouldn’t believe it by the guest list.

Her sister, Kate Middleton, was there with Prince William, and their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were in the bridal party.

As painfully adorable as it may be to hear, George served as a page boy while Charlotte acted as one of Pippa’s bridesmaids.

They also entered the church with Kate in what may be the cutest photos to come from this wedding.

Prince Harry was in attendance also, but as of now, there’s no Meghan Markle in sight.

It’s rumored that while she wasn’t invited to the actual wedding ceremony, she’ll be able to attend the reception and all the festivities that will last throughout the day.

According to UK publications, it’s one of those unspoken rules that royals are strongly discouraged from upstaging big events like these, and if Meghan had showed on Pippa’s special day, well …

We’re sure it wouldn’t be pretty.

Pippa, 35, turned heads across the land with her svelte figure at Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William, becoming a global sensation.

“Her Royal Hotness” or “Lord of the Arsetocracy” as some have dubbed her, waited a long time to find The One for her, but it was worth it.

James Matthews, a handsome and wealthy banker, or financier as it were, has now been crowned Mr. Pippa Middleton for all eternity.

What a lucky, lucky man.

Source: celebweddings