According to a bombshell new report, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be hiding a pretty huge secret from the world.

The actress is pregnant with the Royal Hunk’s first child, if certain cover stories are to be believed.

But a baby on board isn’t the only secret Markle and Harry are trying to keep from fans across the globe.

Photos published by E! News make it evident that Harry actually paid a visit to Markle on Wednesday night.

He tried to sneak into Markle’s Toronto home while carrying a duffel bag and wearing a baseball cap down low on his head.

Alas, paparazzi were on the scene and snapped these pictures of the prince acting like a ninja. (A ninja who is totally smitten, we should say!)

The last time we saw Harry and Meghan together, they were in attendance at a wedding in Jamaica.

Multiple sources confirmed last month that Markle integrated herself well with Harry’s  close friends during this romantic gathering.

Meanwhile, the question that continues to circulate around the gorgeous Suits star and her beloved famous beau is when they’ll be the ones walking down the aisle.

Might they steal a beautiful page from the nuptials of Harry’s pal in March?

“He loved the way his friend got married, in the sun by the beach and is now considering it himself,” a source close to the couple previously told Radar Online.

Such a destination wedding would spit in the face of Royal tradition, of course, but Harry has never been a conformist.

“Harry isn’t your typical Prince,” this same Radar source said, giving examples as to why this is the case:

“We have seen him naked in Vegas and now he is dating an American actress… Harry does things his way and that will also include how and where he gets married.”

Hey, when you look like Prince Harry, you can get away with nearly anything!

Markle and Harry started to date last summer.

They went public with their romance a few months later, after harassment of the actress reached such levels that Kensington Palace had to actually issue a statement.

It referred to Markle as Harry’s “girlfriend” and it basically told critics to shut the eff up and let these people live their lives.

Simply being a celebrity does not mean one must suffer through endless insults and even death threats online.

“Harry is truly in love. They’re very serious,” reported an E! source in January, adding that he could easily see the couple getting engaged some time this year.

And that’s coming from E! News, not some shady supermarket tabloid.

Of course, the next Royal Wedding will center on Pippa Middleton and take place on May 20.

There’s been talk that Markle isn’t invited to Pippa’s big day because the bride does not want to be shown up by another woman.

This is ridiculous because Pippa is one of the planet’s best looking human beings.

But we’ll keep our eye on those in attendance next month and report back on whether Markle is included.

Source: celebweddings