Excuse her, haters.

But Rasheeda Frost would like to say something.

The VH1 reality star is clearly sick of those who watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online each week and think they can judge her life.

Yes, Jasmine Washington is now a cast member on the series.

Yes, she has accused Rasheeda’s husband, Kirk Frost, of sleeping with her and impregnating her and of being the father of her son, who was born last summer.

But Rasheeda would prefer if viewers kept their opinions of this situation to themselves.

She’d also prefer is tabloid and gossip blogs stopped speculating on the state of her marriage, claiming she’s considering a divorce from the father of her two kids.

For those wondering, Rasheeda has made it very clear on the cover of this month’s Delux Magazine: she married Kirk for better or for worse. 

And also… for life.

Just take a look at the GIANT wedding ring Frost is flaunting above.

Rasheeda acknowledges to the publication (which really does exist; we looked it up and everything!) that she and Kirk have been through a lot during their time together.

But she remains committed.

And she believes she’s helping others who can relate to her ups and downs.

“When you’re out and about and they are like ‘Rasheeda, Oh My God I’ve been through this and that…’ and people emailing you and leaving comments and all this type stuff, you be like ‘wow like sometimes you feel like I’m the only person going through this,” the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star explained.

She added:

“I get a lot of women who say I help them and inspire them, and help them get through their situations.”

We hope that’s true.

It would be great if Rasheeda could indirectly be there for women who must deal with some of the crap she deals with on a weekly basis.

It’s just hard to see Rasheeda Frost as being all that relatable to the average person.

Just consider: Kirk recently sat down with his children and admitted to them that he was disloyal to their mother.

Does this mean he really did knock up Jasmine Washington, as she has so often claimed over the past few months?

It’s hard to say.

Kirk may not even be referring to Washington in the clip above because Keanna Arnold is also on record as saying she did the nasty (i.e. had sexual intercourse) with the reality star.

Still, Rasheeda doesn’t seem to care. At least not enough to file for divorce from her cheating husband.

Does this make her a strong woman? A role model for others because she’s standing by her man?

Or does it make her weak because… well… she’s standing by her man? A man who has admittedly had multiple affairs over the years?

We’re not here to judge (too harshly). We’re just here to ask the difficult questions.

“I gave @deluxmagazine the scoop on life as a reality star, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and mother, and a peek into my newest endeavor,” Frost wrote as a caption to the second cover photo above, adding:

“Check it out & yes it’s a double cover.”

We guess you’ll need to pick up this issue of the publication if you want further insight into her life with Kirk.

Source: celebweddings