The stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise may not be the most likable group of ladies, but they could certainly be a lot worse.

For example, they could be terrorist sympathizers who defect to Syria in order to marry members of ISIS.

Sound unlikely?

Well it absolutely is – but it’s also the premise for a comedy sketch that’s drawing mixed responses on social media today.

Titled, of course, The Real Housewives of ISIS, the sketch aired on a BBC series called Revolting, and many believe the show fully lived up to its name.

Pundits have blasted the sketch as “distasteful,” and with lines like the following, it’s not hard to see how it might have rubbed some folks the wrong way:

“Only three days to the beheading, and I’ve no idea what I’m going to wear.”

“This is my sixth marriage. I’ve been widowed five times. [bomb explodes off-camera] Six times.”

And – about a character showing off her stylish suicide vest:

“She looked massive. You’re gonna need a lot of Semtex to kill that one.”

The outrage on social media was immediate:

“All the fun of an off-base Amy Schumer skit with the same lack of awareness of anything other than itself,” commented one viewer.

“Only funny if you look down on someone else and enjoy seeing them unhappy because they are not white and Christian,” wrote another.

Others defended the sketch as a shot at deserving target.

“If you can mock something, you’re not scared of it,” posted one person.

“ISIS want to be feared. Don’t give them that. And yes I’m Muslim, and a leftist.

Check out the controversial sketch in the clip below to decide for yourself:

Source: celebweddings