Back in July of 2015, Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan welcomed their second child, a son named Uriah. In May of 2013, their daughter Brisels was born.

Though Reggie Bush’s personal scandal has almost certainly impacted his life and marriage, Lilit has now given birth to their third child.

And they’ve given this baby a very unique sounding name.

Reggie Bush is an accomplished football player.

I may not know much about sportsball, but even I know that it’s a big deal when I hear that someone won a Heisman trophy.

(That’s because I watched American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, but still)

Just last year, a Miami waitress claimed that Reggie Bush had impregnated her while cheating on his wife.

Eventually, Reggie reportedly reached a settlement with the waitress — which is why we don’t know more about that situation.

It was claimed that Reggie’s first response upon hearing that his mistress was pregnant was to offer the woman a million dollars to get an abortion and leave him alone (and basically disappear).

Apparently this wasn’t some one-night stand, but the result of an alleged two year affair. The waitress got a lawyer.

There’s no telling how good a settlement she received, but Reggie Bush’s net worth is estimated to be at least $14 million.

Clearly, however, Reggie Bush and and Lilit Avagyan were able to move past that whole ugly business and leave it behind them.

(There’s a difference between one affair and having a string of affairs, and sometimes even serial cheaters get forgiven — just look at Sharon an Ozzy Osbourne after the rock star cheated with at least six different mistresses)

We say “clearly,” because it’s nearly a year later and Lilit has given birth to the couple’s third child!

E! is reporting that Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan have welcomed a baby boy into the world.

That boy’s name is reportedly Agyemang Bush.

It’s no surprise that they chose an “unusual” name for their child.

When your daughter is named Brisel and your oldest son is named Uriah, you wouldn’t be doing any favors to your kids if you name your next kid “Brian” or whatever.

The reason that we put the word unusual in quotation marks is because it looks like the name “Agyemang” and the very similar “Agyeman” aren’t uncommon at all in Ghana.

In many cases, people who are taken aback by names that they refer to as “strange” or “ethnic” would do better to look up a name’s origins.

Sometimes, what we perceive as a “weird name” is actually just a name that isn’t eurocentric.

Sure, there are a lot of celebrities (and non-celebrities) who want to give their children unique-sounding names.

But there are also a lot of people who, with very good reason, want to reclaim heritage that they feel was stolen from them and their communities.

Something as simple as a name can be very empowering.

And, when we’re talking about the children of celebrities, there’s usually less concern about not getting callbacks on job applications.

Anyway, this is fantastic news for this couple.

We don’t recommend having children to mend a marriage that’s struggling, for any reason.

But we don’t know that this is what was behind their union.

Hopefully, the family can find happiness without any further scandals.

Source: celebweddings