Back in 1989, Richard Marx rose to fame by singing that he’ll be “right here waiting for you.”

But we had no idea that the artist was portending an event to come, directing this seemingly romantic lyric at an unruly passenger on board a Korean Air flight.

Confused? Allow us to explain…

Over the weekend, Marx and wife Daisy Fuentes were flying from Vietnam to South Korea when a drunk passenger became violent and actually started attacking those around him

His victims included both flight attendants and other passengers.

As detailed on Fuentes’ Instagram account, the singer wasted no time, jumping in diffuse the scary situation, which the staff seemed both too overwhelmed and confused to handle.

“On our flight from Hanoi to Seoul a guy sitting in the next row from us got crazy & started attacking the flight attendants & passengers. When he started pushing the female staff and pulling them by the hair @therichardmarx was the first to help subdue him,” Fuentes wrote as a caption to the following photo.

It actually depicts Marx in action, along with those on board who apparently decided to snap pictures instead of offer any assistance.

As you can see, a flight attendant is pointing a Taser gun at the passenger in one photo, while Marx is holding him down in another.

There’s also an image of Marx holding white rope, presumably to tie up the inebriated man.

Added Fuentes, a former MTV VJ:

“This went on for FOUR hrs. I feel horrible for the abuse the staff had to endure but no one was prepared for this. They never fully got control of him.

“They didn’t know how to use the taser & they didn’t know how to secure the rope around him (he got loose from their rope restraints 3 times).”

Marx later took to Twitter in order to give fans an update, and also to criticize the training of the Korean Air employees on board.

“Daisy and I are home safe and sound,” he wrote, shrugging off his actions and adding:

“No big “hero” move at all. Just did what I would hope anyone would do in same situation. Tnx 4 concern.”

He then elaborated on Facebook, expounding on what happened and saying flight attendants were “ill-equipped” to deal with this kind of situation:

Pretty crazy, huh?

Not what happened on board the airplane. That’s not all that surprising.

People get drunk all the time on flights, it’s just surprising this time it was a celebrity coming to the rescue instead of getting kicked off (see below).

But Richard Marx is married to Daisy Fuentes?!?

We had no idea. Well done, man!

As for those aforementioned drunken and/or unruly airplane passengers? These famous people can relate to the dude Marx had to hold down…

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