Now that Drihanna is officially a couple, the usual frenzied speculation as to just how serious these two are has commenced.

Or should we say re-commenced?

As you probably know, in this case there’s an added layer of intrigue, as Rihanna and Drake dated before.

There’s some disagreement about how and why it ended, but most accounts concur that Rihanna dumped Drake, presumably after enduring an endless barrage of soulful glances and attempts to rhyme “RiRi” in song form.

But now they’re back on – and not surprisingly, it seems they’re moving very, very fast.

For starters, Drizzy and RiRi are now rocking matching tattoos:

The pic above shows a camouflage shark (obvi!) on Rihanna’s ankle.

The story is that Aubrey gave her a stuffed camo shark as a gift when they dated the first time, because that’s just the kind of special thing that Canadian rappers do for the ladies in their lives, girl.

Now, it seems that Drake is rocking a very similar tatt on his forearm.

Seems kind of weird to permanently remind themselves of their unsuccessful first attempt at a relationship, but the takeaway here is that these two are clearly in it for the long haul.

In fact, sources are telling E! News that at least one half of the A-list couple is ready for the altar.

“Drake is very committed to Rihanna,” the insider says.

“They are both mature and ready to commit now. Drake loves Rihanna so much and if it was up to him, he would marry her tomorrow.”

No big surprise there.

After all, this is a guy who recently informed the world that he’s been carrying a torch for this girl for seven years:

But what about the fact that DriRi went up in flames the first time?

Well, the source says that’s all water under bridge:

“Things are different this time between them for the better.”

In this case, we’re guessing “different for the better” can be translated as, “She instructed Drake to stop being such a whiny little biznitch.”

If there’s any truth to these rumors, we’re hoping that Drake is keeping his Lisa Frank notebooks with “Mr. RiRi” scribbled all over them under lock and key.

For one thing, the Barbadian songstress proved the first time around that she’s not into rushing things, and Drake seems to be on the verge of scaring her off again.

In addition, Chris Brown has made his feelings on this relationship very clear, and he’s not exactly the most level-headed dude.

We’re not saying a Chris Brown-Drake fight would be one sided affair, but … we can’t think of how to finish this sentence without dissing Aubrey.

Source: celebweddings