It’s been almost three months since Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna broke up, and while the reality stars have parted ways many times in the past, this time the split seems to be permanent.

Obviously, it’s a complex situation, as Blac and Rob welcomed a daughter just weeks before they called it quits.

Given how volatile their relationship seemed to be, many fans are wondering if Rob and Blac have been able to hammer out an amicable co-parenting arrangement.

Both parties have kept mum on the issue, but a source close to the Kardashians tells E! News that thus far, Rob and Blac are having no issues when it comes to sharing parenting responsibilities:

“They are amicable and get along when it comes to Dream,” an insider shared.

Rob isn’t exactly known for his work ethic, and many fans have expressed concern that even though he frequently posts photos of Dream to his Instagram page, he might not be taking the initiative to be the father figure his daughter needs.

Unfortunately, the family spokesperson was unable to quell those concerns with details of Rob’s visitation schedule – because apparently no such schedule exists:

“There’s no set day or times that Rob will take [care of] Dream. They haven’t fully figured it out yet, but they are working on it.”

As for the rumors of Rob and Blac getting back together, the rep says there’s no chance of that happening – at least for now:

“Chyna and Rob are certainly not together or engaged,” we’re told. 

“In fact, Chyna gave the  engagement ring back to Rob when they broke up last month…Something caused them to have a blowout fight, and Chyna gave the ring back and it was done. They officially are not engaged. There is no wedding.”

As for whether or not Chyna is planning to get together with Rob for his 30th birthday on Friday, the source says don’t count on it:

“There are no plans for Chyna to celebrate Rob’s 30th birthday with him this weekend.”

That’s probably for the best.

Getting these two together and pouring alcohol on the situation would probably not end well for anyone involved.

Source: celebweddings