Rob Kardashian … well, let’s just say that no one would accuse him of being the most stable person.

Less than a year ago, he was a big-time hermit, missing big occasions like Kim Kardashian’s wedding and, you know, life in the outside world.

Since he began living his entire life in his house, he’d gained a whole lot of weight, enough to be diagnosed with diabetes last December.

His family cried over him, they begged him to go to rehab, to confront his issues, to just take care of himself, just the tiniest bit, so that he could be happy again, or at least not die.

But, in the end, the only thing that even budged him in the right direction was Blac Chyna.

When he began dating her in January, he finally started going out in public again, and he lost a great deal of weight.

Last month, we even learned that he was no longer diabetic.

Unfortunately though, Chyna couldn’t completely cure all his issues. He still displayed some mighty erratic behavior, and we could never forget all the many, many bitches he kept texting during their relationship.

Basically, Rob was better, but he was still nowhere close to being good.

But now it looks like little Dream Kardashian, Rob’s baby girl, is changing everything.

He’s seemed so happy since she was born last week, so full of pride and love and good feelings.

According to a new report from People, “it’s still all about the baby.”

A source close to the couple says that Rob and Chyna “are getting along great. Chyna is recovering and ROb is doing everything to help her.”

“Rob is so in love with his daughter,” the source continues. “He doesn’t care about anything else.”

Not even texting bitches?!

“He really wants to be a family with Chyna and seems very happy,” apparently. “He wants to do everything he can to give his daughter an amazing start in life.”

And as for all those fights that he and Chyna got into during her pregnancy, all the times they broke up and stopped talking before getting back together, only to do the whole sad song and dance over again?

“He seems to really understand that chaos is very bad for his daughter,” this source explains.

“Rob has been on his best behavior and Chyna seems to be very happy with him.”

So now, at long last, Rob is finally going to give being a normal, healthy human being a chance?!

Small miracles, y’all.

Source: celebweddings