For months and months now, we’ve been hearing that the relationships between Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are on the brink of collapse.

We’ve heard that all of the wives are planning on leaving Kody, and we’ve even heard that Meri Brown has a guy on the side, and that she’s waiting for the right moment to get with him instead.

But one of the most persistent rumors has been one about Robyn Brown, Kody’s newest wife and his only legal one.

All the way back in December, we heard that Robyn was planning on leaving Kody, partially because she felt he wasn’t treating her kids well — she has three children from a previous marriage.

Another reported issue was that the most recent seasons of the show focused on Meri and her catfishing scandal, along with some of the children’s weddings and pregnancies.

That apparently didn’t sit well with Robyn, who’s been used to having more attention.

We’ve also heard that Kody has his eyes on a younger woman he plans on making his fifth wife, which is something that troubles poor Robyn.

On top of all that, additional reports claim that Kody has been struggling with Robyn’s unhappiness, turning to drinking and temper tantrums to get him through the hard times.

Which, you know, aren’t things that would particularly entice Robyn to stay.

Oh, and one more rumor that’s been going strong, one that complicates this mess even further?

Many reports claim that Robyn is currently pregnant.

So yes, there’s a lot going on with the Browns these days.

But Robyn, sweetheart that she is, finally took the time to tell us all what’s really going on with all of these stories — many of which, by the way, came from supposed Brown family friend, Kendra Pollard.

“Hey tabloids!” she wrote on Twitter. “Kendra is NOT my friend and I don’t talk to her. Ever. Period. I am not pregnant and I am not divorcing Kody. All lies.”

Meri responded with “Haha you saw that one too? I had to laugh when I walked through the store today and saw it! People seriously need to get a life!”

So there are two possibilities here.

One, Robyn and Meri are planning on leaving Kody, and they’re working together to make sure no one suspects a thing.

Or two, they actually are planning on staying with the family for the foreseeable future.

And oh, what a nightmare that would be …

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