If you watch Teen Mom: OG online, then by now you’re likely familiar with the ongoing drama surrounding Ryan Edwards’ substance abuse issues.

Edwards checked into rehab last month, but not before creating some of the most appalling scenes in the franchise’s history as a result of his addictions.

The most recent TM:OG season finale offered viewers a glimpse at Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer’s wedding – a grim, rushed affair that was attended only by Edwards’ parents.

Even more surprising than the sullen nature of the occasion, of course, was the manner in which Edwards and Mackenzie arrived at the chapel.

A visibly intoxicated Ryan drove himself and his fiancee to the church.

He was so high that he frequently nodded off behind the wheel, and Standifer switched off the dash camera, so as to prevent viewers from seeing just how inebriated Edwards really was.

On social media, there was a wild uproar from fans over the decision to let Edwards drive under the influence.

(Both Standifer and MTV have taken considerable flak for the scene.)

Now, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that further cause for concern was captured on camera in the controversial episode.

In several screen grabs from the finale it appears as though Edwards may have recently used intravenous drugs.

During the controversial scene in the car, Standifer accuses Edwards of taking Xanax before his wedding ceremony, but now it looks as though even those whom he’s closest to did not realize the severity of Ryan’s drug problem.

Dr. Pawan Grover, an addiction specialist who has not treated Edwards tells Radar Online that footage from the show seems to indicate that Ryan had been injecting some sort of substance, most likely of the opioid variety.

“Based on Edwards’ history with addiction issues on the show, the images are consistent with track marks,” says Dr. Grover.

“Which is a tell-tale sign of chronic intravenous drug use.”

Fortunately, Edwards conpleted treatment for his addictions earlier this month.

Unfortunately, he remained in in-patient care for a scant four weeks and announced his release with a brutal social media attack on his son’s mother, Maci Bookout.

Many fans are taking that as an indication that Ryan has yet to address all of his demons.

We’ll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.

Source: celebweddings