Ryan Edwards has shown some concerning behavior for … well, for a very, very long time now.

He’s nodded off on camera in a number of Teen Mom OG episodes, sometimes his eyes are wide enough that we worry they’ll fall out of his head.

His family has said that he’ll leave to run errands and come back hours later, and Maci Bookout, the mother of his son, Bentley, has said that he’s constantly late for everything.

Recently we learned that there’s an explanation for all of that: Ryan is on drugs.

Maci dropped the news in a recent episode of Teen Mom: she said that Ryan’s problem is worse than she ever imagined, and she even said she’s afraid he’ll die from his addiction.

He’d go to rehab, she theorized, but his family enables him instead of getting him the help he needs.

Since the episode aired though, we learned that Ryan did go to rehab.

Sometime around mid-May, he got married to his girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer, then checked into a treatment center.

Great news, right?

More great news: he’s out of rehab and back with his family.

We know that because a friend posted this photo of herself with Ryan and Mackenzie on Instagram.

The group went to a music festival together, and it looks like they’re on a boat here.

And while Ryan doesn’t look too interested in the company, at least he doesn’t look as bad as he usually does on Teen Mom, so that’s something.

It’s worth pointing out that someone placed an emoji over Ryan’s hand, which is a little suspicious. Are they trying to hide something?

It’s also odd that Mackenzie is pointing at an unaware Ryan like she just spotted a Backstreet Boy and not her husband.

But other than that, Ryan is looking good, and we hope that rehab helped him with his issues.

His drug issues, at least — he made it pretty clear that he’s still a jerk with this post he made on his own account.

It’s a Martin Luther King meme, because that’s fine, right?

And, as you can see, it reads “I have a dream that one day my psycho baby’s mama will shut the f-ck up.”

Ryan only has one kid, which means he only has one “baby’s mama,” which means this has to be directed at Maci.

And that’s disappointing.

On the show, we see that Maci deeply cares about Ryan, and that she’s been trying her best for at least the past few months to get him help while his family pretends things are fine.

Several other Teen Mom dads might have some reason to refer to their “psycho baby’s mama,” but Ryan is not one of them. Maci is arguably the best mom in the entire franchise.

And of course Ryan has no room to talk — if it wasn’t for his parents, he’d be the biggest deadbeat dad in all of Chattanooga.

We want the best for him, especially now that he’s fresh out of rehab, but he sure isn’t making it easy.

Source: celebweddings