Save the date cardsSave-the-date cards do not have to be the formal announcement that you think they might. Couples these days are coming up with all manner of ways in which to share their decided wedding date with friends and family. If you’re planning a destination wedding, this opens up wealth a fun, alternative ways to say ‘save that date’, that non-destination weddings….well…just can’t.

Here are just a few of our favourites to get those creative juices flowing:

Airplane Ticket:

A save the date card in the form of contemporary plane ticket paints a pretty clear idea that the wedding is going to be abroad. Design the layout just as a printed ticket would be and play around with the airline name etc. It gives you room to have some fun and make your save the date card a little quirky and a lot memorable.

Message In a Bottle

Ok, so this is not as unique as we would like it to be but it is still fun and will entertain your guests. Using a message in a bottle as a save the date notice doesn’t mean that the theme has to be nautical but it does set the scene nicely for an exotic paradise island style wedding. Unless you particularly want to run with a beach theme involving sand and miniature shells, the inside scroll could be modern and classy, tropical and floral, given a vintage edge or play on the idea of hidden treasure map. Let your hair down and have some fun.

Passport Invitation

Now these are fun and your guests will not be expecting this. Include stamps of the destination country, perhaps a visa waiver or follow the standard passport format of Name, Nationality (which could be changed to destination), DOB, which will clearly be Date of Wedding….you get the idea I am sure. Now go get creative….this is your passport to romance!

Luggage Tag

There is nothing that sparks the excitement of a pending holiday like a luggage tag. Use it to generate excitement over your wedding destination.

Photo Card

Your world really is your oyster with this one. You could give nothing away just yet if you’re still trying to work out the details of a destination wedding and simply provide your invitees with a lovely keepsake photo. You could hint at the destination with photo props or a beachside photo shoot. If the theme is casual beach, spell it out in sand or sea shells and then let your guests keep guessing at the location.


Your photo on the front, location, stamp and message on the back. Simple but easy.


We are thinking world map with a flight path marked on it, an illustrated map of the destination country, a fold out save-the-date map X-marks-the-spot style but we are getting ahead of ourselves. We will allow you come up on the ins and outs of this one.