Don’t let the photos fool you, people.

Yes, Scott Disick has been spotted in Miami this week, cuddling up to multiple bikini-clad women and seemingly having the time of his scandalous life.

But a new report suggests that Disick isn’t really happy. He isn’t really in a good place right now.

He’s actually on the verge of… death. YIKES!

First, a quick refresher:

Disick spent a few days last week in Costa Rica with Kourtney Kardashian, his kids and other members of the Kardashian family.

According to Radar Online, he showed up on this vacation “with the intention of making everything between with Kourtney,” considering the roller coaster nature of their relationship.

Every other day of late, it has seemed as if we’re hearing contrasting rumors over the two being back together… being broken up… or even expecting a fourth child.

“When he arrived, he was already drunk and reeking like booze,” an insider tells Radar of Disick.

This source goes on to say that Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian believed Disick to be “so spun out” that they actually grabbed the keys to his hotel room.

And what they found led to the epic fight that prompted Scott to board a flight to Miami.

“When Kris and Kim went into his room, there was some random chick in there and the room was filled with booze and other signs of a party,” Radar write, adding:

“Kris told him that she could not believe that he would do this on their family vacation. Scott basically told Kris that she could go f-ck herself!”

Wow. Talk about a lot of drama!

“Scott packed up his stuff after getting into a screaming match with Kris and Kim and security was called to escort him out,” this report alleges.

“He got onto a plane and they haven’t spoken to him since!”

But they’ve certainly heard all about him by this point.

Multiple outlets have posted stories about his exploits with the opposite sex in Florida, although both E! News and Entertainment Tonight say Kourtney is fine with anything Disick does.

“They were never back on,” a friend tells E! News, countering talk that Disick and Kardashian were back together at various points in the last year and adding:

“They don’t even live together.”

They do pose for many photos together, however. To wit:

Still, even if Kourtney is cool with Disick slipping it to whatever women he do desires, that doesn’t mean she and her loved ones aren’t concerned about Scott right now.

He may cause them distress.

But they still care about the guy.

“Scott is really tempting fate right now and he knows this,” the source tells Radar.

“Sadly, it seems like is only a matter of time before his actions catch up with him and friends fear if he keeps going like this he will end up dead.”

Disick has been a known party animal ever since he met Kourtney.

She finally broke up with his sorry rear end in the summer of 2015 after he spent more time drinking with an ex-girlfriend in France than he spent with his family.

We thought the two might make up at some point and even get married someday.

But that’s looking less and less likely.

At this point, we just hope Disick doesn’t die any time too soon.

We aren’t huge fans of the guy, but he does have three little kids who call him “Daddy.” They deserve to grow up with two parents.

Source: celebweddings