So much for Selena Gomez and The Weeknd just being a fling.

According to a new report, the singers are actually quite serious about each other.

Just how serious?

Let’s just say that Justin Bieber may not want to scroll down any further in order to find out…

An insider tells Life & Style that Gomez is in the process of looking for a new house.

But it won’t just be a house for only herself. Oh, no, it will be a house large enough to support multiple occupants. 

And one of them will be The Weeknd!

“Selena is going to be putting up the money for the house, and she’s going to spare no expense,” the insider tells the tabloid, adding in extreme detail:

“They’re looking in Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Malibu. She wants a big backyard where they can host get-togethers with friends, and she’d love a pool so she can go skinny-dipping with Abel.”

Man. This unnamed individual must really know Gomez well.

Not only is he or she well aware of Selena’s real estate interests, but he or she even knows how badly Gomez wants to swim naked with her new man.

Gomez and The Weeknd got together under somewhat controversial circumstances.

The latter had dated Bella Hadid for about two years prior to their break-up last year.

He then got together with Gomez, but sources claim Selena never told Bella about the romance herself; Hadid had to learn about it through the celebrity gossip grapevine.

This was especially hurtful because Bella and Selena are sort of friends. They are both members of Taylor Swift’s Squad.

But despite a bit of Instagram shade hurled in her direction by Hadid, Selena is moving full steam ahead with her relationship.

It may be too early to hear any wedding bells, but the artists are apparently set to take the next step.

“It’s going to be their little love nest,” a source tells Life & Style of the mansion Selena is allegedly set to purchase.

Bieber has seem pretty disturbed by his ex-girlfriend moving on in this manner, openly laughing at The Weeknd’s music on Instagram, for example.

But Gomez doesn’t care.

She’s happier than ever.

She and The Weeknd just returned from a vacation to Italy and it sounds like they had a grand time.

“Their trip was bomb,” a source told Hollywood Life of their romantic trip abroad.

“They saw some historical sights, laughed, and found this cute little chain length fence and put a love lock on it! The Weeknd loves traveling with her and wants to take her to Toronto next and give her a personal tour of his old stomping grounds.”

Maybe they can go skinny dipping there!

Source: celebweddings