Is it just us, or does Amber Portwood seem intent on breaking our hearts these days?

She refuses to just leave Matt Baier alone — though she’s said they’ve broken up, they’re rumored to be going on Marriage Boot Camp together, so we’re not holding our breath on a permanent split.

Even after he was shown to have a pocket full of pills on TV, even after he embarrassed himself with the immortal words, “Do you forgive Daddy?”, she’s still involved with the creep.

It’s all very disappointing, but perhaps the most disappointing thing of all is that horrible Instagram Live rant Amber went on earlier this week.

In the video, she decided to open up about her history with abuse.

“I’ve been through domestic violence,” she said. “I was the one on the other f-cking end with the domestic violence — it went both ways.”

Meaning that in addition to being the one dishing out the physical violence, she was abused, too.

“However,” Amber went on, “I never opened my motherf-cking mouth about anybody ever f-cking hitting me! Anybody! Because that’s what a real f-cking woman does!”

“That’s what a real woman does. I can f-cking take that!”

Yes, that’s Amber explaining that a man she was in a relationship hit her, but she kept it to herself. Because apparently, that’s what a real woman does.

Except it’s not. At all. And that’s a really ignorant thing to say.

Amber’s on this thing right now where she feels the need to repeatedly remind everyone that she’s a “real woman,” whatever that means, so whatever she does is what a real woman does.

It’s been getting old for a while, but now it’s getting dangerous.

And Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham’s sometimes boyfriend and everybody’s favorite Teen Mom troll, isn’t standing for it.

He kicked off over on Twitter by claiming that yes, Matt was the one who abused Amber.

“Matt has punched her on several occasions,” he wrote. “Mtv does nothing. They are more worried about setting Farrah up on more fake dates.”

Simon also tweeted that “A real woman opens up about domestic violence. Don’t listen to that bimbo. You can save someone’s life later down the road.”

When one of his followers tried to defend Amber’s statement, saying that “it takes time to deal with domestic violence,” he still wasn’t having it.

“Time is against you in these situations,” he wrote. “It takes courage and fast action. Do not ever wait! One time is more than enough!”

“In the end, let’s not discourage her,” he added. “She needs help from you #TeenMomOG fans!”

Simon was so fired up, and rightfully so, that he carried his message on over on his Instagram page.

“I know a majority of my followers are from the show, but ladies and gents, don’t ever keep domestic violence on the hush,” he began.

“You can save someone’s life later down the road.”

Simon, ever our faithful Teen Mom guide, wrote that the “majority of these cast members are airheads,” but “clearly they have a huge following and fans will do whatever they say.”

“Be smart and think with your head!”

We never thought we’d say this, but thank goodness for Simon Saran.

Source: celebweddings