If there’s one good thing you can say about the Sister Wives, it’s that they always come through with the drama.

It’s sort of unavoidable, really, considering the family consists of one man with four wives and oodles and oodles of children, but still, it’s important to give credit where credit is due.

And Meri Brown right here?

This woman deserves all the credit.

Things had been kind of stale for the Browns for a while before Meri, Kody’s only legal wife, decided to divorce him.

She did it so that Kody could legally marry Robyn and be better able to care for her three children from her previous marriage, so it wasn’t like an actual divorce, but still, it made for some good gossip.

And then she got catfished. And rarely has there ever been such a delicious reality television scandal.

Meri believed she was talking to a man named Sam, and their exchanges became pretty intimate before she figured out that she was actually talking to a tricky woman.

The entire family spun the whole story to make Meri the victim, which she was, but they all conveniently ignored the fact that Meri was unhappy enough with her marriage to seek comfort elsewhere.

But this time, it looks like Meri’s finally found herself an actual man.

And she is so done with the Brown family shenanigans.

A previous report claimed that Meri had been seeing some guy who lived in Hawaii, and that “she’s always gone” from the family these days.

“Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half,” a source said. “She’s done.”

And now, an insider is telling Radar all about how Meri is about to marry this man.


“Meri’s convinced he’s the one and wants to get married in a low-key wedding in Hawaii,” the source says. “Possibly on a beach.”

But right now, Meri is “saving her money and plans to leave Las Vegas and move to Hawaii for her man.”

“Meri fell fast and hard for this new guy,” the source reveals. “He’s giving her all the attention she wasn’t getting at home.”

“She feels like, after years of being ignored by Kody and getting her heart broken by a scam artist, she deserves a shot at real love.”

And you know what? She really, really does.

The only downside to this alleged future wedding is that Meri might not have the support of her Sister Wives.

She’s reportedly concerned that they won’t show up to her wedding, and she’s especially worried that her only child, Mariah, won’t attend.

According to this source, it would “crush” her if her daughter wasn’t there on her special day.

If this is all true — and here’s hoping — surely the important people in Meri’s life would step up to support her newfound happiness.

And if not, they can stay in that creepy Mormon hell with the douchiest devil that ever was.

Source: celebweddings