There’s nothing Stassi Schroeder likes to say more than, “I told you so.”

That has been crystal clear over the past five seasons of Vanderpump Rules, but we would not change her for the world. 

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will be well aware that Stassi has somehow managed to work her way back to being the Queen Bee of her friend circle. 

That’s not entirely a bad thing. Schroeder makes for good TV and it’s evident the producers knew that, allowing her to stage a return to the show last year. 

Stassi’s latest revelation centers on co-star Scheana Marie Shay’s marriage to Mike Shay. 

As you probably already know, the relationship came to an abrupt end last November when Scheana filed from divorce from Mike after some erratic behavior. 

“You’ll see as you keep watching this season. Shay kind of backed off from us almost entirely. It felt like he was almost never around,” Schroeder revealed about Mike’s sudden disappearance.

“So that to me was like a little bit of a red flag, but like nothing major. So when they actually decided to split up, that was a little shocking.”

Turns out, the “red flag” actually turned out to be that Scheana and Mike were having some marital woes.

It’s difficult enough to admit to yourself that your relationship is over, so you can only imagine how painful it was for her split to become public knowledge. 

That said, Stassi felt that the divorce came about pretty quickly and there was not much lingering from either party. 

“It was so fast that, like, I don’t remember having, like, a real reaction. All I know is that I’m happy that they are getting a divorce. I think Scheana’s handled it so well and she’s been so strong,” Schroeder continued. 

“And I don’t know if I would have been able to have that strength if I was in her position. But I admire the way that she’s handled everything.”

As much as Stassi comes across as the two-faced person of her band of minions, it’s clear she does like Scheana. 

They may not have gotten off to the best start, but it seems the bumps in the road to becoming friends have only made them stronger. 

There are still a lot of big events coming up this season on the hit Bravo show. We will finally get to see Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz becoming the cutest “bubbas” of the small screen. 

That’s if Tom gets Katie to agree to the prenup. 

What do you think about all of this?

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