Maligned former reality star and redneck ursine specimen Sugar Bear is fighting back against stunning new claims of domestic abuse.

Allegations that he body-shamed or even physically hurt Honey Boo Boo and her siblings surfaced earlier this month, and he is pissed.

Ever since his ex, June Shannon, got herself a TV show to document her weight loss transformation, her whole family is back in the news.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, June Shannon’s weight loss has been the talk of WE tv and the celebrity gossip world in general.

But the fallout from Mama June: From Not to Hot has extended well beyond June’s shrinking waist, thanks to her making media rounds.

June and her daughter, Alana, gave interview after interview, including one in which Alana said she was body-shamed by Sugar Bear.

Yes, her own father verbally abused her regarding her weight and appearance, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star alleged on ET.

For her part, June accuses him of even worse.

Asked if she ever saw herself being on friendlier terms with Sugar Bear again after their high profile breakup, June’s response was alarming.

“There was just so much emotional and physical abuse,” June said of their time together. “I just choose not to put my kids through that.”

Wait … come again?!

For all of his faults, Sugar Bear always struck us as a quiet, laid back dude, content to let June be in charge while just doing his thing.

One never saw him as the abusive type, but TV doesn’t tell all, according to June: “You saw [only] a little bit on Marriage Boot Camp.”

Shannon teases, “this shows the real true side of Sugar Bear and when the special comes out y’all are going to be like ‘what the hell.'”

As for his current wife, Jennifer Lamb, who said June lost Suge because she’s a bitch, basically, Shannon simply says “Watch out.”

Suffice it to say, Sugar Bear is fighting back against this, and hard. The reality star, whose real name is Mike Thompson, tells Radar:

“No, I never abused them kids. I loved them kids!”

Beyond Alana’s allegations, Shannon’s daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon had her “eye buckle caused by him,” according to June.

Honey Boo Boo herself hasn’t had a relationship with Sugar Bear for “a long time,” June told Page Six, raising more eyebrows Friday.

It’s an interesting comment, considering that she was a flower girl at Sugar Bear’s wedding to Jennifer Lamb in January of this year.

The Bear is not on the outs with everyone, though.

Anna “Chickadee” Shannon-Cardwell, 22, moved in with Sugar Bear after getting divorced, as we just learned within the last 24 hours.

Anna’s relationship with her mom has been estranged since June started dating Mark McDaniel in 2014, following her split from Suge.

McDaniel, one of June’s former boyfriends, was infamously convicted of sexual abuse – of Anna specifically – and served time in prison.

June and Sugar Bear split for good in 2016, at which point Shannon cultivated the ultimate revenge body through gastric sleeve surgery.

That, combined with diet and exercise, ultimately meant that June lost a stunning 300 pounds and gained a whole lot of attention for it. 


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