Yesterday, we had the extreme displeasure of seeing Sugar Bear absolutely lose his mind on the Mama June: From Not to Hot reunion show.

We saw him get into a shouting match with Pumpkin, Mama June’s 17-year-old daughter, and we even saw him try to fight her.

“Come on over here, you little bitch!” he yelled at her before ripping his shirt open in what was apparently supposed to be a display of masculinity and strength.

(It really, really was not.)

But while the fight was shocking to see — and it definitely made Mama June’s claims that he’d been abusive to her and her daughters infinitely more believable — we never got to see what actually caused the fight.

Until now!

For the reunion show, Lynn Toler, Divorce Court judge and Marriage Boot Camp star, sat down with everyone in an attempt to get to the bottom of some issues.

She talked with Sugar Bear and his new wife, Jennifer Lamb, and they both insisted that all their issues stemmed from Mama June’s ongoing desire for Sugar Bear.

Then she talked with June, who made it clear that she wants nothing to do with her former love, and that in fact, she’s never hated anybody more in her whole life.

And then Lynn Toler brought Mama June, Sugar Bear, and Jennifer Lamb together for one big interview. And that’s when things got bad.

As we see in the clip below, June begins by criticizing Sugar Bear’s parenting of little Alana — or lack thereof.

He says that he spends lots of time with his daughter, playing and talking and playing some more, but Lynn points out that at that reunion show, he hasn’t asked about her once.

June gets passionate here, saying that Sugar Bear knows that she would never keep Alana from him.

Sugar Bear, pretty much silent up until that point, lights up and tells June “I’m finna to get on you right now.”

And get on her he does.

He tells her (or at least we think this is what he says, it’s hard to understand him when he’s upset like this), that he tried to see Alana every weekend, but she started coming up with excuses as to why he couldn’t.

“I tell you what,” he says to June, “I got a lawyer on the case and you’re gonna get the paperwork! And that’s all I got to f-ckin’ say!”

He storms off the set, and June says “This is what happens,” and Sugar Bear did not appreciate the comment.

“You open your f-ckin’ mouth, June Shannon, is what happens, you stupid bitch!” he yells before hitting a wall.

Pumpkin, who is sitting offstage listening, hears Sugar Bear talk about her mother like that, and she says “OK, I swear to f-ckin’ God …”, apparently ready to defend June.

And that’s when Sugar Bear goes after her like a … well, like some sort of very angry, very primitive animal.

After the fight, Jennifer held Sugar Bear, trying to calm him down as he clenched his fists and cried about how “Everybody’s making me look bad.”

Alana is taken away by a PA, and Mama June and Jennifer sit down for one last chat, in which Jennifer says that she’s never seen Sugar Bear behave that way, but she’s still not scared of him.

But if what we see below is enough to make Sugar Bear that unhinged … it’s just not a great sign.

Source: celebweddings