In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals, it seems not a day goes by without a Hollywood or D.C. power player being accused of some appalling act of sexual misconduct.

Today alone, two universally recognized and widely beloved men have faced allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

First, Senator Al Franken was accused of groping a female colleague and now, film icon Sylvester Stallone is 

According to a police report uncovered by CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate, a 16-year-old girl claimed that she was forced into sex with both Stallone and his now-deceased bodyguard, Michael DeLuca, back in 1986.

The girl says she was staying at the same hotel as Stallone, who was traveling in promotion of his film Over the Top.

DeLuca reportedly gave the girl a key to Stallone’s room and instructed her to visit the actor that evening.

When the girl arrived at Stallone’s suite, DeLuca reportedly “took her into a bedroom, where they had sex, while De Luca waited in the bathroom.”

The victim claims that Stallone then asked her if she’d ever had a threesome and invited DeLuca into the room.

Stallone, who would have been 40 at the time, then allegedly forced the girl to perform oral sex on both men.

The victim says Stallone then told her that he would “beat her head in” if she told anyone about the attack.

According to the police report, the girl elected not to press charges for fear of retribution.

“She indicated that if the sexual encounter had only been with Stallone, she would not pursue this matter,” the report states, “but due to the fact that (De Luca) became involved in the sexual incident, she didn’t know what she wanted to do.” 

The victim says Stallone, who was married at the time, was aware of her age, as he remarked on her youth one day prior while flirting with her in the hotel lobby.

She says she informed him that she was only 16, and the actor replied by asking “how she got such a build.”

The victim claims she laughed off the question and was surprised when Stallone proceeded to kiss her.

“He replied that he would give her a kiss at a later date that she would not forget,” the report reads.

Stallone has not yet commented on these allegations.

We will have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.

Source: celebweddings