Tara Wallace’s uterus is officially closed for business. 

The Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member had a chat with VH1 about what she’s up to nowadays and whether she’s pregnant.

A good baby rumor always seems to work well for the Love & Hop franchise. The producers manage to keep them dragging on for weeks on end. 

However, after giving birth to Gunner Ethan Pankey last year, the rumor mill went into overdrive with claims that Peter Gunz had knocked her up with their fourth child together. 

Another child would mean that Peter would be in the double digits in terms of how many offsprings he had running around the world.

We wish we were kidding. 


Tara did reveal that she’s happy to let the rumors play out because of the paycheck she gets for them. 

“Our storyline is just so intense, you just can’t help but be affected by it, emotionally,” Tara said. “For me, when all of this happened, even though it’s been quite some time now, we have taken our story, and it’s become a source of our income.”

“So there hasn’t been a period of time when we haven’t had to address it.”  

She does bring up a brilliant point: If it’s making them money, then why not let it continue? 

Another key talking point in the interview was the revelation at the Season 7 reunion that Peter wanted Tara over Amina Pankey. 

“Coming into Love & Hip Hop,” she explained, “the one thing that [Amina] knew was that they were married and I didn’t know. For both of them to go into the situation, knowing that I didn’t know that and thinking that would be okay to expose that on television. I don’t feel bad for her….These things are life altering; it’s not a little fight or spat.”

When asked about whether she’s currently pregnant, Tara highlighted that she was not that important. 

“It’s like, geez, guys,” she said, “how many babies can I have in one year?…Like, it’s a slow news day, let’s just [report] that Tara’s pregnant because she hasn’t lost all her baby weight.”

If only she knew we had a baby rumor being drafted up just before the interview dropped. 

Kidding aside, she made it clear she was over Pete Gunz and his baby making stick. 

“My life is not just about fighting over Peter, or just about what’s going on between me and Peter.”

What do you think about all of this?

Source: celebweddings