It’s been three months since we first learned that Flip or Flop hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa have separated.

Given the ugly nature of the incident that led them to split (sources say Tarek brandished a gun and threatened suicide), it’s not surprising that the El Moussas moved fast when it came to legally end their marriage.

Christina El Moussa filed for divorce just weeks after she and Tarek moved into separate homes.

These days, she’s rumored to have already moved on and begun dating Gary Anderson, a contractor who frequently worked with the El Moussas. 

But while the HGTV personalities may have made haste in their efforts to bring about a clear and decisive end to their time as man and wife, it seems they have no intention of establishing separate lives.

Christina and Tarek have two kids together, so they’re bound together by their co-parenting duties, but that’s only the beginning of the complexity.

Despite being in the midst of one of the ugliest celebrity divorces in recent memory, the El Moussas plan to continue working together.

Yes, both Tarek and Christina are planning to stay on as co-hosts of Flip or Flop.

The move would make sense if it were the kind of reality show that capitalizes on high drama, but it’s most certainly not …

It’s an innocuous, lighthearted house-flipping series that depicts the El Moussas as the sort of annoyingly happy couple you might want as neighbors.

So the El Moussas are gonna have to engage in some serious image rehab if they want to make audiences forget about the drama of the past few months.

And based on their social media profiles, it looks like they’ve already begun:

The El Moussas popped up on one another’s Instagram pages last night, seemingly following an onstage performance by their daughter:

“Taylor did SOOO amazing at her Peter Pan performance!” Tarek captioned the pic above.

“Now… dad gets to watch it for the next THREE nights lol but worth every moment… LOVE HER”

Yeesh. Four consecutive nights of a grade school play, huh?

That sounds almost as painful as watching a newly-divorced couple pretend to be besities while navigating the real estate market.

We kid!

Source: celebweddings