If you’re familiar with Taylor Lianne Chandler, it’s probably as a result of her short-lived relationship with superhuman Olympian Michael Phelps.

Accounts differ, but Chandler claimed to have been with Phelps the night that he was arrested for DUI, and she went on to essentially make a career out their brief romance.

Now, however, it seems the self-proclaimed “model and TV personality” has moved on with a new love, as she recently took to Twitter to confirm that she’s engaged to Air Force Major Timothy Keegan.

Keegan reportedly popped the question on New Year’s Eve at Gaylord National Harbor after just three months of dating.

Sources say the couple has been “going strong since October,” which is a bit like saying your diet has been going well since lunch.

Keegan has two kids from a previous marriage, and it seems Chandler has already met them and earned their approval.

Chandler and Keegan have reportedly planned a destination wedding for this summer.

Bizarrely, Chandler recorded a Periscope video the day of the proposal in which she stated that she was “in a really bad mood” because she found out that the “guy I’d been seeing, [with whom] things ended recently” would be attending the same New Year’s party as her.

So either she was very recently dating someone else and got engaged at a party attended by her ex, or Keegan is the guy she was referring to, and they reconciled in epic fashion.

Either way, that’s not even the weirdest part of this engagement.

That distinction belongs to the fact that TLC’s social media profiles still center largely on both Phelps and the Phelps-themed porn she made at the height of her “fame.”

Currently, Chandler’s pinned tweet is about Phelps and her Instagram profile pic is a still from her porn.

We wish these two the best and all, but, um … well, here’s hoping Keegan is taking note of the many red flags planted all over Chandler’s social media pages.

Fortunately, the happy couple has allowed themselves the luxury of a long engagement.

We’ll keep you updated on the many breakups and reconciliations sure to come.

Source: celebweddings