The fab favie of Teen Mom 2 are rumored to be itching to leave (one of them in particular), but legally, they’ll be hard pressed to do so.

Following the network’s latest move, especially.

MTV has exercised its option to extend Teen Mom 2 to include a “B” season, allowing them to film more installments of Season 8.

This was MTV’s choice, and is legally binding.

Put another way, they could have chosen to shut down filming or continue under the current terms to elongate the current run.

They’ve elected to do the latter, which is great for fans as it means a lot more episodes of the smash hit show coming our way.

As for what this means for the cast members?

According to The Ashley, Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry, Chelsea Houska, Briana DeJesus and Leah Messer aren’t going anywhere.

Despite several members of the cast not knowing about MTV picking up the option yet, it won’t matter, since they’re all signed.

“The girls signed on to Season 8 knowing that the network has the opportunity to extend the season,” says an inside source.

The contract gave MTV this option and as such, it can “basically do a whole other season of episodes under the Season 8 contract.”

While that sounds nefarious, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, “MTV has done this for several of the previous seasons.”

Part of the reason this is so noteworthy is the controversy regarding the show’s editing and the stars’ current dissatisfaction.

Each of the stars, with the possible exception of Briana, has openly complained about being portrayed unfairly at some point.

Not that it’s slowing production down at all.

According to The Ashley, Season 8 is already set to be the longest in the hit reality show’s history at a whopping 18 episodes.

That’s not counting the Reunion and “Unseen Moments” episodes – or the “Season B” option that was just picked up – either.

What even is Season B? It’s a gray area.

“Some of the cast members are already filming for Season 8B, even if they don’t know it yet,” one MTV crew member dished.

The girls will earn additional income for the season, given the new number of episodes, but will not receive a salary bump.

Contract terms are re-negotiated (along with salaries) before each new season, and by definition, this is not a new season.

Somehow we don’t think this will go over well, particularly in light of this past episode, which lit a fire under the most combustible star.

Monday night, Jenelle Evans blasted MTV in a rant for the ages, saying the network is ruining her marriage and treating her like a freak show.

The Carolina Hurricane has expressed frustrations before, but this time claimed she’s “probably done” for good after the “uncalled for” footage.

Can she legally bail, though?

The Ashley informs us that Jenelle is aware that Season 8 has been extended, and no, she cannot legally flake out … but this is Jenelle.

“She doesn’t care. She’s refusing to film,” says the source close to the Teen Mom 2 firebrand, breach of contract be damned.

While this has all the makings of a standoff, Evans has made these threats before and backed off, and time may be on MTV’s side.

There will reportedly be a season of Teen Mom: OG, the flagship of the franchise, in between Teen Mom 2 Season 8 and Season 8B.

Nothing is finalized, but we would guess that means the OGs will return in winter/spring followed by the TM2 crew in summer/fall 2018.

In other words, plenty of time to get over her gripes about how the network makes her look bad and remember that it lines her pockets.

Source: celebweddings