MTV’s other fab four are back and Monday’s premiere of Teen Mom 2 Season 8 caught up with the lives of Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea and Kailyn.

In reality, the premiere took us behind the scenes of events most fans know the general details of long before we watch Teen Mom 2 online.

For example, Jenelle Evans’ assault trial, in which she stood accused of attacking Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, Jessica Henry, was featured.

Furious that Jessi wouldn’t drop the assault charges, Evans was determined to prevail in court on Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 1.

As Nathan and Jessi testified about the alleged assault, they insisted she was volatile and shouldn’t have custody of her son with Nathan. 

Jenelle’s lawyer insinuated that those two came looking for a fight the day alleged assault took place, and are using it to punish Evans.

On the witness stand, the tearful reality star said she never meant to throw a glass at Jessica Henry, only to splash her with water from it.

The jury bought it. Jenelle was declared not guilty!

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry was still confused about her future with Javi Marroquin, so she did the only natural thing and went skydiving.

So of course, she did what any rational person confused about their relationship would do and went skydiving. Yeah. We’re serious.

Call it a “quarter-life crisis” or something like that.

After talking things over with a friend, she realized she couldn’t make any decisions about the future of her marriage until Javi got back.

These two may not be great communicators, but his deployment did not help matters during their entire marital breakdown, that’s for sure.

At this point, we all know how it played out: Javi and Kailyn are divorcing, he’s dating Cassie Bucka, and Kail is throwing shade online.

Standard. They’re doing alright for the kids though.

Chelsea Houska, for her part, discussed how Adam Lind quit Teen Mom 2, no longer speaks to her, and won’t have any part of her life.

Lind, allegedly, refused to allow an MTV crew in his house because he was “napping,” even though they told him when they were coming.

Adam whined that they never film him being a good dad, and producers asked why he never told them about stuff he does with Aubree.

He shouldn’t have to, he says. Chelsea could do it, or they should just know. Only Adam Lind could say this stuff with a straight face.

Fortunately for Chelsea, she has plenty to smile about.

Between planning her wedding to Cole DeBoer, and telling Aubree she’s going to be a big sister, her life is really happy these days.

Even more impressive? She says she’s valuing privacy more and more as she gets older and wanted the wedding to not be so public.

In West Virginia, Leah Messer was … stressed.

Like beyond. Even as relations with ex-husbands Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert improve for her, the mom of three has a lot on her plate.

When she couldn’t find her keys and ran late getting her twin girl to their T-ball game as a result, Leah had a bona fide freak out (above).

Leah suffered what appeared to be a panic attack and railed against the way the “stuff with the show” made it hard to keep her cool.

Is that a symptom or the cause, though?

She insisted that situations only get chaotic when Teen Mom 2 is filming, and knowing she’ll be on TV looking stressed is … well, stressful!

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Source: celebweddings