MTV’s OGs are back and more dramatic than ever, as Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 1 saw multiple cast members go at each other.


Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie Standifer butted heads over his drug addiction, rehab and custody of son Bentley.

Meanwhile, Catelynn worried about Tyler’s dad showing up now that he’s out on parole, and Farrah celebrated a birthday in New York.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you remember last season’s finale and the bizarre parking lot wedding between Ryan and Mackenzie.

Well, she hasn’t given anyone much of an update on how Ryan is doing in rehab – including Maci, who isn’t sure what to tell son Bentley.

On the MTV reunion stage (yes, part of this season premiere’s footage was shot during last year’s reunion) Mackenzie confronted Maci.

How? Claiming she exploited Ryan and his addiction.

Without letting Maci respond, Standifer stormed off the stage … and ran into Amber Portwood, who promptly called her “a f–king c–t.”

Mackenzie, she said, is lucky she has “self-control” now. She’s not wrong; Amber would’ve probably laid her a– out a few years ago.

Later, we saw Mackenzie visit Ryan in rehab, where we learned that he was using (it’s unclear what) up to three times a day at his worst.

To do that, he was blowing through $10,000 a week.

Ryan’s main trigger, according to Standifer, is Maci and their previous relationship, so Mackenzie plans on continuing to ice her out.

That’s not going to go over well, since Bookout is the mother of his son, and wants to know when her son will be able to see his father.

On the flip side, Maci feels that if Ryan comes home after 30 days in rehab and doesn’t continue getting help, that’s not good enough.

As such, she won’t let him see Bentley. Wow.

Of course, with the passage of time since this was filmed know Ryan and Mackenzie married again this month … and Maci was there.

So, perhaps they work it all out in the end?

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham was off in Farrah Abraham land, planning her own b-day party. Her mom was invited, but her fiance was not.

Sounds about right. Farrah’s daughter Sophia told her mom she wanted to see her grandma, but since Debra was with David? No go.

Then David didn’t sign birthday card. Savage.

Later, he did show up at her party and stayed amicable … until he pulled aside Farrah’s dad, who ordered him not to disrespect his daughter.

David then asked if Michael had cheated on Debra when they were married, and Farrah was not happy when she heard about this later.

After the reunion, Amber took comfort in her co-stars after an emotional exchange with Matt, and then went to see a therapist in NYC.

“There’s gonna be a second child,” she was told, and what do you know, Amber confirmed her second pregnancy earlier this month.

The therapist, who is also kind of a psychic somehow, also told her that she feels like she and Matt will get married, so she went 1/2.

Portwood postponed her wedding to Matt Baier and ultimately called things off with him; Andrew Glennon started dating her right after.

Finally, Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra and little Novalee, 2, picked up the keys to their new house and prepared to see his father, Butch.

That promised to be an emotional reunion.

He’s on parole, after all, and during his visit, he admitted to Tyler that he hasn’t been staying clean – even though he hates himself for that.

Clearly, the situation compounds a lot of anxiety for the couple, and Catelynn later bought a horse to help with her sky-high stress levels.

We now know that Lowell experienced suicidal thoughts of her own that landed her in rehab, of course, and that Tyler needs help too.

These two have always battled heavy, heavy issues; Tyler and Catelynn always find a way to persevere, though. Send them your best.

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