Last night on Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 14, Maci got to meet the new woman in Ryan’s life, while Farrah feuded with her mom … again.

Meanwhile, Gary asked Amber for help with Leah when Kristina had a family emergency, and Catelynn and Tyler experienced buyer’s remorse.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been through some challenging times of late.

That even extends to repairs on their new house.

The couple debated the amount they were willing to go over budget to fix some issues, causing them stress and even a bit of depression.

At least they got an invitation to Maci’s wedding, which should give them something positive to look forward to in light of this situation.

Speaking of Maci, she discussed having Bentley’s dad, Ryan, over to her house so she could meet his new girlfriend before the wedding.

Yes, Ryan and Mackenzie are indeed invited.

“I hope it’s not awkward,” Maci mused, and it may have been because how can it not be, but she later decided Mackenzie was “cool.”

More than anything, Maci was thrilled that Bentley got to experience a nice time with both parents and their partners, all of whom are happy. 

Over in Indiana, Gary Shirley called Amber Portwood and asked her to pick up their daughter, Leah, from school in his place one day.

She doesn’t have custody of Leah during the week, but she jumped at the chance; Gary was appreciative but didn’t want to set a precedent.

He ignored her request to keep their daughter overnight, and sent his wife Kristina to get Leah from Amber’s house, causing her to cry.

On a positive note, we think, we got a behind the scenes look at Amber Portwood’s “mommy makeover” (not plastic surgery, she insists).

Amber explained that her recent weight gain was directly tied to her depression, and she just wanted to be happy and confident again.

Can plastic surgery really heal depression? We’ll see.

Finally, in a not-at-all-scripted attempt at bonding, Farrah and mother Debra Danielsen were gardening when she flipped the f–k out as usual.

Debbo ended up getting flat-out banished from the garden.

Amazing. Once again, she cried to producers that she is not loved; Debra still helped with the opening of Farrah’s furniture store, however.

Later, as they got their nails done, Deb asked for the next day off to run her own errands, and Farrah lost her s–t, yelling at her in the salon.

Later, Farrah’s on-off-BF Simon Saran asked how it went.

“Well,” Farrah said, only “Not really.” 

Simon said that the reality star and her mom have to learn to communicate better, which is pretty much the understatement of all time.

Farrah, naturally, got defensive instead of productive.

After insisting that she’s not the one with the issues and the one who caused a scene … he called her out for causing a scene right there.

Point, Simon.

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