Monday on Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 6, Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran’s effed up relationship was a focal point once again.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know what to expect from Farrah’s love life at this point – expect the unexpected, at all times. 

Well, on Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 6, the tumultuous twosome sat down for therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann of VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Of course. What better way to get to the root of all your issues.

A reality TV doctor with cameras rolling may be counterproductive, no? In any case, Dr. Jenn concluded that Farrah is pushing Simon away.


“The footage that I have seen of the way you talk to him, no man in his right mind will stick around,” Dr. Jenn told Abraham, who cried.

She also told them to stop discussing their relationship in front of Sophia, and told Simon to stop leading Farrah on with the lure of family.

“When you dangle that carrot and don’t follow through, it’s really hurtful to her,” Jenn said, and really, there’s no argument to be made.

As for whether they took her sage words to heart and are still together?

Outlook not so good. Simon defended Farrah’s parenting, but that may not be enough. Asked to sum things up later, Abraham said:

“It’s so far from where I would like to be, really, in a relationship.”

While that romance is headed downhill fast, Amber Portwood is moving up in the world. Literally, to a new house in a fancy neighborhood! 

“I never lived like this when I was little … I was poor. We didn’t have hot water,” she explained. “I feel kinda weird being in this neighborhood.”

“I’m not the same as these people,” she went on, noting with irony, “especially when you’re living across the street from a prosecutor.”

Hey, any little thing that might help keep Matt Baier in line?

Meanwhile, Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson renewed their vows on the beach, with Leah telling her, “you mean everything to me.”

So cute, and so nice that Gare Bear is happy these days.

Shirley has taken a back seat to Amber’s drama with Matt, but deserves a lot of credit for taking such good care of Leah all these years.

Not only that, he’s in a really good place personally.

Maci Bookout’s wedding planning took on a life of its own in Tennessee, where she and Taylor McKinney realized $20,000 is a lot of money.

Fortunately, the venue made them a deal, so the nuptials are on, and none other than her ex Ryan Edwards will be there with bells on!

No, seriously, he’s getting an invite.

As Taylor put it, “I think it’s important for Bentley.” McKinney, as always, has been the kind of level-headed rock Maci can depend on.

Finally, Tyler Baltierra visited Catelynn Lowell in rehab in Arizona, and despite cameras not being allowed on the grounds, it was so emotional.

TB was reminded by his mom to take care of himself, so he can take care of Cate, who cries “almost every time I talk to her,” he revealed.

Good advice, and turns out he needed it.

While Lowell struggled with the psychological ramifications of breaking her addiction to smoking weed, she worried deeply about Tyler.

Tyler assured Catelynn – in no uncertain terms – that he would never leave her, despite her apparent, deep-seated fears that he’d do so.

He said, “I’m never gonna leave you.”

Best. Couple. Ever.

Source: celebweddings