Great news for those of us who enjoy keeping up with that ragtag group of ladies who got pregnant at the tender age at 16 and then found themselves on MTV years afterward.

Which is to say, great news for Teen Mom fans!

Teen Mom OG premieres its brand new season on Monday, and to celebrate, they’ve released one more supertease to get us all pumped and ready for it.

And it’s safe to say that, as usual, there’s heaps and heaps of drama coming our way soon.

The trailer starts off with some sweet, funny moments — Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter celebrating her second birthday, Amber embarrassing her kid in her new Corvette.

We get to see Ryan Edwards propose to his girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer, and he didn’t even look high while doing it!

It all looks so nice, but that’s how they get you. Ryan’s proposal leads into some heavy drama between Maci and Ryan’s family.

Maci tells a friend that “When it comes to Bentley,” Ryan’s parents are “selfish” … then we see Ryan’s father getting angry and exclaiming “We don’t need her freakin’ opinion!”

Then we cut to Butch, Tyler’s troubled father, talking about starting his day off with several lines of cocaine.

Speaking of Tyler, it seems like we’re going to see more relationship issues between him and Catelynn. Lots more.

In one heartbreaking scene, he asks her “Do you believe that I’m not going to leave you?”

Amber, meanwhile, is planning her wedding to professional creeper Matt Baier. She looks at venues and at wedding dresses, before informing one of her friends that “You can love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of your life and still not trust each other.”

Yeah, maybe pray about that one a little bit, girl.

Farrah is up to her usual antics, yelling at her parents for no real reason. That’s about it with her.

We also get to see Amber, Catelynn, and Maci, along with their significant others, take that big trip to Puerto Rico!

It looks fun, but this is Teen Mom — you know the fun gives way to sadness real quick.

“We’ve been together for 11 years,” Catelynn tells Amber of Tyler, “and it’s f-cking stressful, and we got on each other’s f-cking nerves and I want to leave and I cry ’cause he hurts my feelings.”

Later, Maci cries to the girls about how she’s “tired of dealing with the sh-t, wondering if today’s going to be the day that he does something he can’t come back from.”

Is she talking about new husband Taylor McKinney? The deadbeat-ish dad of her first son, Ryan Edwards? Or someone else entirely.

It’s hard to say, but it looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Literally.

See you next Monday for the Teen Mom OG season premiere, and in the meantime, check out the new footage below:

Source: celebweddings