Don’t you just love Teen Mom? All the cute kids. All the relationship drama. All the … no, that pretty much covers it.

But while we all love the show (genuinely or not, whichever), and while we all know more than we probably should about these total strangers, there are still things we don’t know, or generally don’t pay attention to.

For instance, what do the men of the show do for a living?

Sure, they get paid handsomely for letting MTV air their dirty laundry, but they’ve got to do other stuff in their downtime, right?

Check out all these guys’ occupations — some will surprise you!

1. Tyler Baltierra

Tyler does lots of stuff! He’s definitely one of the most active male stars of Teen Mom, and he also enjoys writing — he and Caitlynn Lowry have already released one book! In addition to that, he’s shown interest in going into social work or counseling.

2. Simon Saran

OK, so Simon Saran isn’t a father yet — though who knows what Farrah Abraham has in store for him — but let’s throw him in, just for fun. Simon is actually pretty successful in real estate. And also bragging about being successful in real estate.

3. Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards, believe it or not, used to be a lineman, risking his personal safety to work on those power lines. He may still do that, or he may be focusing his time and energy on being obnoxious and shady right now. It’s unclear.

4. Taylor McKinney

Taylor McKinney is married to Maci Bookout, and they share a clothing company called Things That Matter. Before that, Taylor was a motocross rider.

5. Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley does a little of this, a little of that … He judges Amber Portwood professionally, and he’s also released his own brand of condoms! And as if that weren’t enough, he’s gotten in on the business of selling baked goods on the internet, too.

6. Matt Baier

Somehow, against all odds, Matt Baier (not an official Teen Mom dad, but hey) has managed to make time in his busy schedule of being a douchebag to do some work! He flips houses with Amber Portwood, he’s got his own book coming out soon, and before the fame, he worked as a radio host.

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