On The Bachelor last night, Nick Viall’s quest to narrow down the field / sleep with as many aspiring trophy wives as possible continued.

If you want to know who has the inside track, The Bachelor spoilers have you covered. Although it should already be kind of obvious …

Corinne Olympios, as promos for this week told us, is “Corinne it to win it.” Boy is she ever, and if the others hate her for it? Their issue.

Picking up where the premiere left off, The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2 saw her further stand out among Nick’s remaining ladies.

On a wedding photo-themed group date, Corinne was not pleased that Brittany was the “Adam and Eve” bride who got to go topless.

“I would have been better for that outfit” Olympios says, despite the fact that she was half-clothed herself as some sort of bikini bride.

Fortunately for Corinne, that made it pretty easy for her to up the ante, get topless in the pool and instruct Nick to “Janet Jackson” her.

Which he did, and we have to imagine quite happily so.

Yes, she’s now been to second base with Nick. Already.

Topless Corinne, naturally, gets the group date rose, then proceeds to get more than a little high on herself (and most likely drunk).

“No matter how rude it gets, you’re here for Nick. And that’s it,” Olympios lectures the other women, then proceeds to interrupt them.

All of them. All the time, if you believe the editing here.

One potential rival, Taylor, thinks that in the end, Nick will choose his future wife based on personality over Corinne’s intense sexuality.

You just keep telling yourself that, Tay.

“Dad would be proud,” Corinne says, clearly quite pleased with her performance and making Nick “grab my bare bosoms” in the pool.

“Even though I was naked.”

Yikes. Fortunately for viewers, some other women did get a little screen time, most notably, Danielle M. on the first one-on-one date.

The dead fiancé card and other good qualities got her a rose, but because this is Nick’s season, it was barely even a blip in this installment.

Case in point: Liz Sandoz.

Over the course of the episode, Liz decides to spill the beans to Christen about how she and Nick boned before she came on the show.

We have little doubt that this is true, but it also seems clearer by the minute that producers are having her talk about it pretty much 24/7.

When will this come to a head? When Nick takes a half-dozen women, including Liz and Christen, on a group date outing full of innuendo.

It’s the Museum of Broken Relationships, where The Bachelor shows them the ring he picked out for Kaitlyn Bristowe two years ago.

Gotta love these not-at-all-scripted date scenarios.

You think you’ve seen everything, but then you watch The Bachelor online and they come up with something even more absurd next.

Almost gotta hand it to the story editors. Almost.

It gets better (worse?) from there as Nick’s potential wives take turns pretending to fake-break up with him. Sometimes, with gusto.

“How many more bottles will I have to pick up before you realize you’re losing me?” Josephine asks after walloping Nick in the face.

All of this was a prelude to Liz Sandos reading him a prepared statement of sorts on her phone … about the time that they slept together.

“I’m living my nightmare,” Nick says after the “performances.”

On cue, Christen tells Nick that Liz spilled the beans; Nick pulls Liz aside, then observes: “The more I talk to Liz, the less she makes sense.”

Pretty much applies to the ABC reality franchise in general.

Viall asks her the million-dollar question of why Liz is trying to date him after not contacting him after they had sex at Jade’s wedding.

He ends up sending her home, then telling the other women about why he did so, coming clean about that fateful night and moving on.

To be continued next week on The Bachelor

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