If The Bachelor spoilers have taught us anything over the years, it’s that there’s always a hero, and always a villain or two along the journey.

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 3, the ladies’ quest to woo Nick reached new heights … as did their hatred of Corinne Olympios.

First order of business? A moment of clarifiction.

Nick Viall admitted to the rest of the ladies that he sent Liz Sandoz home because he hooked up with her at Jade and Tanner’s wedding.

She didn’t want to have a relationship with him then, he says, so why give her a second chance at having one now (i.e. she’s an opportunist).

Afterward, he assures everyone that he’s there for them, while Corinne decides to “put on the sex charm” in an effort to one-up Liz.

Seriously, she is one hyper-sexual creature.

Putting on a trench coat with nothing underneath but a rose, she somehow procures some whipped cream and has Nick lick it off her.

The girl is something else, to say the least.

Not even that could reassure Corinne that Nick is hers for taking. After he said hello to someone else, she basically freaked out and cried.

Mind you, there are a dozen-plus women here.

Later, Corinne flaked on the rose ceremony (she already had one, so she wasn’t eliminated), which is the first time we can recall that.

Nick is clearly in the position where he must choose between lusting after a hot, blonde nymphomaniac and aliening the other 17 girls. 

It’s a tough life being The Bachelor, isn’t it?

Later, it’s time for a group date featuring the Backstreet Boys and a challenge to be the best backup dancer and earn a special serenade.

Cue panic from “bad dancer” Corinne who, once again, bursts into tears over the idea that Nick might pay attention to someone else.

In the end, Danielle earned some alone time with Nick thanks to her dance moves, and slow danced with him as the Backstreet Boys sang.

Corinne says it’s the worst day of her life.

At the cocktail party, Ms. Olympios obviously pulls Nick aside asking for reassurance, then tells the women about her personal nanny.

Danielle gets the group date rose; Corinne avoids flipping the f–k out (in front of cameras, anyway) for once, so that’s modest progress?

Vanessa Grimaldi, the special ed teacher from Montreal and one of the early fan favorites this season, got a one-on-one date next.

She made the most of this one, too.

Even though she puked after a turn in a zero gravity chamber, that’s the kind of thing that brings you closer together with your S.O.

At least it did in this case. It was cute.

Corinne might have reason to worry about Vanessa. Nick not only made out with her after she vomited, but she made him cry as well.

The prospects of finding love and listening to her talk about that did it for Nick, possibly even more so than kissing Corinne’s breasts.

Watch out, Corinne. You’ve got some competition now.

The next group date involved a track and field themed “Nickathalon” with the help of some Olympic legends such as Carl Lewis himself.

Group dates are bringing out the star power lately.

After competing for Nick’s love in the high jump, long jump, and javelin, Rachel and Astrid advance to the finals and the latter prevails.

Her gold medal reward? Hot tub time with Nick!

At the cocktail party afterward, Dominique loses it, Rachel pulls her aside for a pep talk, then Dominique sees Rachel and Nick making out.

Gotta love a show where this is the norm.

When she confronts Nick about not making her feel special, Nick says that Dominique is “amazing,” but … he likes the others more.

Sometimes, you gotta make tough calls.

Rachel gets the rose, but lest you think that the villain has been overmatched, or eclipsed, Corinne straddles him in a bounce house.

While all the others watch, she essentially dry humps Nick in a bikini and squeals with joy. It’s slightly arousing and very, very strange.

In the wake of that clothed sex romp, Corinne goes back to bed and Nick realizes that the others probably aren’t fans of this contender.

He’s a sharp one, that Nick Viall.

Source: celebweddings