DC TV’s Crisis on Earth-X concluded Tuesday night, and it did so in crazy fashion. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 8 got underway, the teams were still very much split up. Half of them were in Earth-X, and the rest were holed up in the walls of S.T.A.R. Labs. 

The heroes on Earth-X geared up to be executed, but Leonard Snart-X aka Leo appeared and saved them right in the nick of time, and it became apparent why. His boyfriend, The Ray was holed up with them. 

Leo and The Ray decided to help the heroes get back to their world before Supergirl was murdered and her heart removed for the Nazi version of the superhero. 

However, General Schott, the Earth-X version of Supergirl’s Winn was against the idea and wanted the only pathway home for the heroes blown up before weapons that could affect other worlds. 

Leo and The Ray managed to talk him around after Maggie tried and failed to play the “I know you from my Earth” card. So, the team set off for the device to get home, but they had to go up against a multitude of villains. 

Oliver took on the role of his Earth-X counterpart and got access to the compound, and while his plan was working, he was forced to shoot the Earth-X version of Felicity. 

This made everyone realize what was going on, and the jig was up. Oliver managed to take down the men inside, but when the other heroes appeared, it became clear they were not making it out without a fight. 

Winn-X called to say he was sending a weapon to destroy the device because there was no more time and the worlds were at stake. The Ray and The Flash went to do battle with the weapon, and they struggled to overpower it. 

In the midst of the battle back at the building, Stein saw an opportunity to emerge from the shadows and open the portal to allow them to get through. He was shot several times and bled out on the floor. 

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 9 picked up in the immediate aftermath and Stein was bleeding out while the battle continued. When they made it through, Jax canceled the connection to Stein and he was in a bad way. 

Gideon could not save him, and it quickly became clear his time on the Earth was over. Stein let himself die, and Jax revealed the truth to his wife and daughter. They all embraced in a beautiful scene. 

Ray Palmer helped Supergirl escape just in the nick of time, and Supergirl took the Earth-X version of the city, and the villain exploded. Oliver then put an arrow through Oliver-X’s heart. 

In the end, everyone attended the funeral for Stein and then made their way back to their respective planets. But Leo opted to stay behind and sent The Ray home. 

Barry then went to get Diggle to ordain his vows to Iris so they could get married, and Felicity decided she wanted to marry Oliver. They had a double wedding that was attended by five, including those who were getting married. 

So the two power couples are officially hitched, but the trouble will not be dying down for them anytime soon. 

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