How did Kenya Moore feel about Matt Jordan’s mother?

That was a key question on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 3 as the couple continued to try and make their relationship work. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you probably already know that Kenya was missing Jordan.

The pair have had a crazy relationship thus far, but you can’t really pick who you fall in love with. 

“Matt and I have been back together for two weeks now,” she happily reported to the camera. “It has been great to have someone sane in my life.”

Matt was quick to reveal some things that bugged him. As you can probably expect, he didn’t like the drama between the housewives. It makes sense.

None of the ladies can really get on with one another and it’s sad. It must be difficult living with anyone who is in the situation Kenya is in. 

Matt also let Kenya know his mother was not impressed when he told her the of them had split up, before inviting her to his family reunion. 

However, Kenya was scared that his family would be concerned about the age difference. This didn’t seem to faze Matt, who said they were fine with it. 

Kenya was ecstatic and accepted the invitation, but she complained throughout the six-hour journey.

At the reunion, Matt’s mother seemed very supportive of the relationship. 

Unfortunately, his sister only seem concerned with stirring the pot.

She immediately asked Kenya if she considered herself a cougar. It was so freaking awkward. 

“At my age, I wouldn’t be sitting here with him unless I felt like we could have a future together,” Kenya said.

“I’m here. I’m happy.”

After some more deliberating, the sister gave in and it seemed like she accepted Kenya. 

Elsewhere, Kandi Burruss was blindsided by her ex’s new girlfriend showing up at her work.

Her intention was to try and build a bridge to allow Riley to see her father. 

Kandi was far from impressed. 

“If you go years without checking on your child, that is poster boy for deadbeat,” Kandi claimed.

“Maybe he knows the vibe from you to him,” the new girlfriend suggested.

Kandi then flew off the handle with her because of the way she was acting and cut the conversation short.

Kandi then turned to her husband, Todd Tucker, who was pretty clear that Riley should be seeing her father. 

When Kandi asked Riley for her two cents, she didn’t want anything to do with her father.

She was obviously upset at the way things had turned out in the past. 

Kandi was probably ecstatic because she’s essentially been raising Riley along, so she has every right to be against her ex. 

If that wasn’t enough drama, Porsha Williams revealed to Phaedra Parks that she wanted to have a baby.

The odd thing about all of it was that she didn’t want to get married. 

She did, however, reveal that she had a candidate in mind, but Phaedra was against the idea of her having a kid without a husband. 

Todd was very much against the idea of it and said that he could see things with them getting more serious, but he would not be having a kid until that point. 

What will she do?

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