The ladies continued their trip to Milan on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 10, and it set the stage for one of the biggest bust-ups in the history of the entire series. 

When the episode got underway, the ladies made their way to Italy, and everyone seemed to think it was all about Margaret and Melissa’s business trip.

Here’s the thing: The business trip lasted all of two minutes, with Melissa and Marge going to a showroom. Melissa ordered two of everything and reiterated that one was for her and the other was for the store. 

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Margaret does seem to know what she’s talking about as far as the fashion world is concerned. 

Melissa could do with some tips to get her store off the ground and bring some new trends to New Jersey. Her store is a bit bland right now, and there never seems to be many customers. 

While all of the ladies were still reeling from what happened on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 9, they decided to let bygones be bygones in the name of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in the fashion capital of the world. 

When they met up in a restaurant for some fine dining, the Hitler comments came up and they did not go down well. With Margaret, she was looking out for her pals when Siggy went crazy at her. 

While her analogy about Hitler was out there, Siggy chose to take it to heart, and that’s what happens when you’re one of the most emotional people in the world. 

“The first time Margaret referenced Hitler, I was in such a shock I couldn’t speak,” Siggy Flicker revealed to audiences on Wednesday’s episode.

“So it’s hard to enjoy Italy because the more I think about it, I get more hurt and more angry, and I hit my breaking point.”

“Margaret will always go below the belt to hurt me. The fact that she would say Hilter’s name when she knows I’m a super Jew? My father’s a Holocaust survivor. What kind of person has Hitler on their mind?”

“I want to call Margaret out about how insensitive it was to reference Hilter when we were talking about a fashion show!”

Siggy then started arguing with Margaret at the dinner table. 

“In our lives, there are going to be people who don’t like me and vice versa,” Flicker said. “I’m going to use Margaret as an example. Just recently, for us to be in an argument and all of a sudden for her to use Hitler as a comparison — it’s inappropriate. Can you guys admit it?”

“Unless we’re discussing the Holocaust, Hitler’s name should not come up,” Flicker continued. “I am the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. It’s inappropriate!”

Margaret was understandably taken aback and defended herself in the elegant way we would expect her to. 

“I said, ‘Hitler would have been good to me, does that make him a good person?’ ” she recalled.

“Kim D’s only goal in life is to destroy Teresa and Melissa. She’s f——- evil. And how are you supposed to make analogies about evil people if you can’t use the evil peoples’ names!”

Margaret then said that she has various family members who are Jewish and that she was not the person Siggy was making her out to be. 

“Honey, I know many people who married Jews who can’t stand Jews,” Flicker responded. “You’re anti-Semitic!”

“How dare you say I can’t stand Jews!” Josephs yelled. “To call me anti-Semitic, that’s a f—ing bulls— move… Do you think this is acceptable?”

Siggy was defiant and refused to apologize. That’s when Danielle went crazy after being dismissed by Siggy. She threw water at her and tried to move a chair to get to her. 

Siggy was not one to back down, either, but the whole fight was brought to a halt because the ladies were thrown out of the restaurant. Stay classy, you guys. 

In the aftermath of the fight, Siggy and Danielle took the morning away from the ladies to gather their thoughts. 

Siggy did understand that what she did to Danielle was wrong, and apologized. Danielle accepted the apology, but it seems like a matter of time before Danielle doles out some revenge. 

While the others were out, Dolores and Margaret got into a heated exchange about what happened. 

“I do not think you’re anti-Semitic, but I think you’re anti-Siggy,” Dolores claimed.

“This is what started the fight in the first place. You decided to make a point about something you don’t really know the dynamics of. [It was] not necessary [and] in poor taste. I might have said the same thing to you if I was Siggy. Probably worse, in fact.”

“If she would have just said, ‘Margaret, I feel like you said that purposely to hurt me,’ I would have said, ‘I would have never said that purposely to hurt you,'” Margaret replied.

“[Siggy] just said that to be f—— vicious. She feels insecure, she has to call people names and take pot-shots. I’m f—— done with her. She’s a nut bar,” Josephs yelled.

“I don’t think there’s anything more viral than assassinating someone’s character. This has gone from a spat to an all-out war.”

Siggy later announced her decision to quit the trip and head home. 

Yes, she’s out!

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