The second part of the reunion spectacular was filled with tonnes of crazy moments for the big personalities on the show. 

With the news that Shannon and David’s relationship had come to a close, it was time for the women to chat about something fresh. 

When The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 21 got underway, it became clear that Shannon had an agenda. She thought her revelation would get her off for her comments. 

Shannon wasted no time in turning the tables by claiming that Lydia was the one who was trying to cause all the drama, thus, she was part of the reason for all of the drama. 

Tamra emerged from the shadows of doubt and claimed that Shannon had a rough time of it all season long and the ladies should cut her some slack. 

Andy did ask Shannon if she felt like she needed to apologize to anyone, and she did so to Tamra. 

Not one to keep the peace, Peggy chimed in, claiming that Shannon owed her an apology. Meghan then got involved, saying she was due an apology from Peggy.

Peggy said that her shushing of Meghan was warranted because she needed to keep her mouth shut more often. Peggy was defiant and did not apologize. 

Meghan then revealed she was pregnant and the penny dropped that her time was probably up on the show. Her storyline this season has been awful. 

Meghan then went on the defense about her argument with Kelly over text. Meghan said that her messages were no malicious, but Kelly was the one who was the troublemaker.

Kelly then had to reach down and pick her jaw up from the floor because she thought all of the bickerings was over with. Kelly was then accused of being damaged, and that’s when she decided to shut up. 

We then found out that someone gave Vicki NyQuil after Kelly gave her Xanax in Iceland and that caused her medical issues. The rest of the women admitted to being drunk for the trip. 

Peggy said that everyone was laughing at her and she was not impressed with them. It culminated in another shouting match that was difficult to keep up with. 

These women need to get a grip and stop arguing over nothing. 

Tamra and Vicki’s fractured friendship was brought to the forefront, and Tamra felt like Vicki was trying to destroy her marriage. Both women accused each other of being the spreader of rumors. 

Tamra admitted that Vicki chose Brooks over her because she was the one to tell her friend, but she did not seem to take notice of it. Tamra was open about being apart from Vicki because of the persistent rumors that Eddie is gay. 

When Vicki is called homophobic, she is done. She made the jump from her chair and screamed that she was done with the entire show. Ultimately, Vicki apologized and swore to shut up about the Eddie thing. 

Tamra said she would shut up about the whole Brooks thing if Bicki stops talking about Eddie. How long will this unity?

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